Who Is Bo Baynton, Mathew Baynton Son? Meet Daughter Ida Baynton

Delve into the article to learn about Mathew Baynton son and daughter. Unveil his marital relationship and family life.

Mathew John Baynton is an English actor, comedian, musician, and writer best known as a member of the Them There collective

Being a team member, Mathew has written and starred in shows including Horrible Histories, Yonderland, and Ghosts.

Similarly, Mathew Baynton was also the co-creator, writer, and star of the comedy-drama The Wrong Man.

Apart from that, there are several television roles of Mathew Baynton; some include Gavin & Stacey, Spy, Peep Show, and You, Me and the Apocalypse.

Recently, Mathew Baynton has been busy filming and completing his new movie, Wonka. Similarly, he is selected as Bottom for the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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Mathew Baynton Son, Bo Baynton: Already Appeared In Movies

Mathew Baynton has been with his wife, Kelly Robinson, since early 2010. However, the couple had a civil partnership ceremony in 2023.

Mathew and his wife Kelly are blessed with two adorable children: a son, Bo Baynton, and a daughter, Ida Baynton.

Mathew Baynton son, Bo Baynton, is the eldest child and was born in 2011. He has already appeared on the big screen as an infant Mary Queen of Scotland in the British comedy series Horrible Histories.

When Mathew Baynton son, Bo, was an infant in 2011, he appeared in the sitcom with his father, Mathew Baynton.

Besides that, Bo Baynton is also seen as a child actor in several short-length movies and documentaries.

Mathew Baynton Son
Mathew Baynton son, Bo Baynton has already debuted as a child actor. (Source: Reddit)

In an interview, Mathew Baynton revealed that his son had a skewed view of his profession as a child. For Bo Baynton, putting on a beard is going to work.

Once, there was a controversial statement regarding Mathew Baynton son, Bo, across the internet. Fans and the audience had mocked Bo in the park for wearing a pink bicycle helmet.

Confronting the situation, father Mathew expressed his belief that he lets his son express his likes and dislikes. Similarly, he also added that he wants his son to do the work he wants to do and be the way he is.

Mathew Baynton’s Daughter, Ida Baynton: Youngest Child

Actor Mathew Baynton is the father of an adorable princess, Ida Baynton, born in 2016. Ida is the ray of sunlight for her father, Mathew, mother, Kelly, and older brother, Bo Baynton.

Unlike her brother Bo, Ida is not in public so randomly. As of 2023, Ida is seven years old and still needs the adequate care of parents and elders.

Mathew Baynton always tries to keep his son and daughter out of the media spotlight. Thus, even on his social media platform, we barely see any pictures of Mathew Baynton son, Bo, and daughter, Ida.

However, he has been attacked several times by fans’ comments concerning his son and daughter.

Mathew Baynton Son
Mathew Baynton is a responsible father to his son Bo and daughter Ida. (Source: Rts)

There are several times Mathew Baynton received comments like he is raising his children a feminist. His parenting styles are far beyond the acceptance of society.

For such a statement, Mathew Baynton stated that he knows his children’s likes and dislikes. Similarly, Mathew always mentioned that he wants his children to be able to make choices and decide according to their will.

Moreover, Mathew Baynton always tries to be a better parent for his son and daughter. He often spends quality time with them and enjoys the family moment together.

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