Bollywood Movies Based On Women Empowerment 2020!!!

Bollywood has been creating one hit after another, which has amassed crores in the box office. There are some movie that is just made in order to make the women empowered, motivated, and daring. Surprisingly, such film has not only done an outstanding job in their screenplay but has collected jaw-dropping amounts too.

Hence we have gathered some Bollywood movie which has been supporting women from the rural corner of India to the advance city of it. Added to that, such films are an eye-opener for every people in the world. Let’s start with the count down.

English Medium

The sequel of Hindi Medium, English Medium, is actually based on the education system of India. However, amidst all this, the movie has also shade light on the struggle of a young girl whose dream is to study abroad and live in America.

In between all this, her father has to encounter a much more severe incident than her daughter. However, he does not lose hope and is determined to provide the quality of education as she wants and can go to any extent. This movie will be a tear-jerker to many.

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The story of this film is a real life-based story in which a young girl survives the acid attack. So why did this story got a movie, and all of the other incidents were limited in the paper? As a matter of fact, this incident changed the law of the country for the acid attack victims. The survivor was provided with the hope to live and work as normal people would do. It is a must-watch.


Tapsee Pannu is one of the actresses in India whose movie is most sensitive and provides a new horizon to a woman’s life. An arranged marriage led her to become a housewife abandoning her dreams in Kathak. Despite all this, there is no complaint, regret as she enjoys her time and effort to bring a smile on her husband’s face.

At a part, her husband slaps her infront of the whole mass, and that is when the story progresses. Her beloved man is so self-centered that he does not give a second thought on consulting the previous incident to her. She is traumatized by this misbehavior and takes the case to court.


It is also a real life-based story of two international-level players Geeta and Babita. A tale of two sisters who got into the arena because of their father’s stubbornness who failed to fulfill his dream to bring a gold medal for his country due to various reasons.

On the other hand, the two innocent girls have to go through a lot and contribute their childhood to become what they had not even expected in their life.

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The color pink itself reflects the touch of feminity. It is a story of three young women whose life story is pretty different from the rest. They enjoy their typical uniqueness of independence, self-confidence, and freedom. Unfortunately, they get invited by some rich boys to join them at the party.

They join them, but little did they knew that their intention was not right. One thing led to another; the girl was on the verge of getting raped while the boys face several injuries. The event reaches up to the court, and the three girls are accused of being a prostitute, mannerless and vulgar.

Secret Superstar

The Internet is a scary place, but when the things you are doing right, then you become a superstar. A young girl from a Muslim family has an astounding voice and joins youtube. Her father is rigorous, and the mother is a housewife. However, her mother is very supportive and sells her jewelry in order to buy a laptop.

In an instant, she became an internet sensation, and suddenly her friends are looking at the video. Secretly the little girl goes to record a song. But in the middle of it, her father wants her to get married at an early age to the guy who is many years older than her. Soon she asks her mom to make him understand, but her mother is too scared to go against her father.

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If you translate this word in English, then its literal meaning is a hiccup. Rani Mukherjee is a victim of this hickhi but wants to become a teacher. Many people suggest she change the profession as while talking; it might get pretty difficult. But she listens only to herself and finally becomes a teacher.

Sadly the protagonist is appointed to lead the worst class in the school who is good for nothing. As time goes, they tried their best to take out of the school doing several cheap tricks. However, she endures all of them and, in the end, wins the heart of the student.

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