Boris Fuchsmann Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Entrepreneur?

Boris Fuxhsmann is a German national and internationally active entrepreneur in the media industry and is also the Chief executive officer of the media. Explore inside to learn more about Boris Fuchsmann wikipedia and personal life.

Fuchsmann is well known for his professional accomplishments, but he is also well known for his passion for the arts. He once owned the “Big Maple Leaf,” a vast coin of 100 kilograms of pure gold weighing millions.

This remarkable object, valued at 3.7 million euros, was loaned to Berlin’s prestigious Bode Museum; however, it was stolen in 2017, and although the thieves have been apprehended, the coin has not been found.

As a result, Fuchsmann has given up hope of ever finding his prized artifact again.

Along with his involvement in the media, Fuchsmann also works in film production, where he has taken on both producer and Executive producer responsibilities.

He was disappointed when his application to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) against the “New York Times” was denied in 2022.

Boris Fuchsmann Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Entrepreneur?

The world-famous entrepreneur Boris Fuchsmann was born in Kyiv, USSR, on February 12, 1947. If we consider his date of birth, as of 2024, he is 77 years old.

Since the entrepreneur was born on February 12, his birth sign is Aquarius, and as he was born in Kyiv, he holds Ukrainian citizenship.

Despite their fame, the Ukrainian businessman has not revealed any data about his private life, including the names of his parents or childhood stories.

Boris Fuchsmann Wikipedia
Boris Fuchsmann once owned a 4 million dollar gold leaf. (Source: wz)

However, his reputation increased worldwide when everyone knew that he once owned the “Big Maple Leaf,” a massive coin of pure gold that weighed an incredible 100 kilograms.

The famous “Big Maple Leaf” gold coin was kindly loaned to Berlin’s Bode Museum by its owner, Boris Fuchsmann, for public display beginning in 2010.

However, the coin was the target of a bold heist on March 27, 2017. Fuchsmann was discouraged by the fact that the “Big Maple Leaf” hadn’t been found even though the guilty parties had been apprehended.

Due to disagreements over insufficient security measures, the insurance payout for the coin, which had a staggering value of 4.2 million euros, only covered 20% of its value.

The face value of this great coin, which weighs a whopping 100 kilograms (220 lb) and has a purity rating of 999.99/1000, is one million Canadian dollars.

 Its obverse depicts Queen Elizabeth II in the exact likeness used on Canadian coins since 2003. The “Big Maple Leaf” symbolizes Fuchsmann’s love of collectibles and the intrigue they bring, as well as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of its designers.

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Boris Fuchsmann Net Worth Collection

The businessman has not revealed his income or net worth, as he is very private about his personal life.

However, he probably lived a luxurious lifestyle because he was one of the most successful entrepreneurs. He once owned the “Big Maple Leaf,” which was 99.99% gold and valued at around 4.2 million.

Boris Fuchsmann Wikipedia
Boris Fuchsmann attended the 9th Annual Russian Heritage Festival. (Source: handelsblatt)

Boris Fuchsmann is a multifaceted media mogul, investor, and film producer. At NAT GmbH & Co. KG, he takes on managing director and general partner positions, showcasing his industry knowledge.

Furthermore, Fuchsmann is involved in various organizations outside of business, serving as President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine and Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, both of which are prestigious positions.

Likewise, he co-founded the 1+1 TV Channel with his cousin Alexander Rodnyansky, with whom he has served on several notable projects throughout his career.

Their collaboration also included building the renowned Hilton hotel in Kyiv, showcasing Fuchsmann’s activities outside the media. Additionally, his commitment to the creative aspects of the industry is highlighted by his role as an Executive producer.

Moreover, the fact that Fuchsmann attended the 9th Annual Russian Heritage Festival is further evidence of his enthusiastic participation in cultural events and gatherings.

On this occasion, he was kept in the company by the well-known model Irina Shayk and had the honor of speaking with Byrganym Aitimova, the ambassador of Kazakhstan. Such appearances highlight Fuchsmann’s extensive network and contribution to promoting cross-cultural dialogue.

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