Lakefront Empire Amanda Smith Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is She?

Amanda Smith is a real estate agent specializing in residential properties. Explore her contributions and learn about her through this Amanda Smith Wikipedia.

Amanda Smith runs her own real estate company, Smith & Associates Realty Group, where she helps people buy and sell homes, especially residential ones.

Likewise, she’s about to star in HGTV’s fresh show, “Lakefront Empire,” all about the real estate market at Lake of the Ozarks.

In the series, Amanda and fellow real estate agents team up to find perfect waterfront homes for their clients, and the goal is to highlight Lake of the Ozarks as the “Hamptons of the Midwest.”

Through their adventures, viewers see the beauty of lakeside living and the exciting world of buying and selling homes in this picturesque region.

Moreover, she continues to make waves in the real estate business scene. Stay tuned as we delve further into her background in this Amanda Smith Wikipedia profile.

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Amanda Smith Wikipedia And Age

Amanda Smith, hailing from St. Louis, serves as a noteworthy real estate agent and the proprietor of Smith & Associates Realty Group.

Likewise, her upcoming appearance in HGTV’s “Lakefront Empire,” an eight-episode series, marks a significant milestone in her career.

However, while details regarding her exact age remain undisclosed, we can assume that she might be in her early 30s or late 20s.

Smith’s journey into real estate took an unexpected turn from her initial aspiration to become a lawyer.

During her first year in the real estate realm, Smith encountered a poignant moment when a single mother expressed profound gratitude for facilitating her journey to homeownership.

Amanda Smith Wikipedia
Amanda Smith Wikipedia: She is a broker-owner of Smith & Associates Realty Group. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, this heartfelt interaction solidified Smith’s realization that her passion for real estate had seamlessly aligned with her purpose.

Similarly, renowned for her warmth and professionalism, Amanda Smith is celebrated as a local real estate advisor with a global perspective on real estate investments.

Additionally, her decade-long tenure in the industry underscores her wealth of experience and expertise, positioning her as a trusted figure in the real estate sector.

Consequently, with each passing year, Smith’s career trajectory exemplifies her unwavering dedication and adeptness in navigating the intricacies of the real estate market.

As “Lakefront Empire” prepares to unveil the dynamic world of Lake of the Ozarks real estate, Amanda Smith captivates audiences with her experienced insights and unwavering commitment.

Amanda Smith Family Background

As the Broker and owner of Smith & Associates Realty Group, Amanda Smith juggles her professional responsibilities with the joys of parenthood.

Likewise, beyond her real estate pursuits, Amanda finds herself immersed in the bustling real estate scene of Lake of the Ozarks.

Notably, born and raised in St. Louis, Amanda fondly reminisces about her upbringing as the youngest among four siblings.

Similarly, her family dynamic includes two brothers, Damon and Matthew, and a sister named Tia, and Amanda shares a deep connection with her husband, Davaun Smith Sr.

Amanda Smith Wikipedia
Amanda Smith is married to Davaun Smith, and they have 4 kids together. (Source: Instagram)

Interestingly, although they attended the same high school, fate intervened years later when they crossed paths on an online dating platform.

Now, Amanda and Davaun have established their own family, blessed with four children: Kamiah, Darion, Kourtney, and Davaun Jr.

Furthermore, their journey as parents underscores the significance of familial bonds and shared aspirations.

Indeed, Amanda draws immense strength and motivation from her loving family, who stand as pillars of support throughout her endeavors in both personal and professional spheres.

Their unwavering encouragement fuels Amanda’s determination as she navigates the complexities of real estate while cherishing the cherished moments of family life.

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