Butchers Book Two: Michael Swatton Age And Wikipedia

The curiosity about Michael Swatton age is increasing as the versatile actor has portrayed several roles, earning him praise from audiences and critics alike.

Michael Swatton is acknowledged as an actor with a wide-ranging film and television repertoire.

He’s made significant contributions to the industry with standout roles in films like “Ash & Dust” (2022), “Two Deaths of Henry Baker” (2020), and “Butchers” (2020).

Moreover, Swatton has showcased his talent in various other projects, including “The Lesson,” “C.A.M.,” “Stalked by a Prince,” and “Ice Road Killer.”

The actor is set to appear in several upcoming projects. In “Games Children Play,” he portrays Young Dr. John Voss, currently in post-production.

Swatton also stars as Robert Bradford in “What Lurks Beneath,” in post-production.

He is also involved in “Butchers Book Two: Raghorn” as Crusher, nearing post-production.

Moreover, he’s working on “200 Grains of Hell,” where he plays Sobax, currently in production.

In the TV series “Age of the Living Dead,” he takes on the role of Stewart, which has already been released.

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Michael Swatton Age: How Old Is The Actor?

Michael Swatton has showcased his talent across film and television, leaving a notable mark. While his exact age remains undisclosed, the actor is reportedly in his thirties.

In television, Swatton has been seen in productions like “Ice Road Stalker” and “Stalked By A Prince” in principal roles on the Lifetime channel.

Michael Swatton Age
Michael’s age is undisclosed, but reportedly he’s in his thirties (Source: Rotten Tomatoes)

In the film, Swatton has portrayed lead characters in various projects, including “February,” directed by Adrian Langley, and “Ash & Dust,” also helmed by Langley.

Additionally, he’s taken on a supporting role in MGM’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.” He also starred in “Butchers,” where he worked alongside Langley again.

His versatility extends to roles in “Two Deaths of Henry Baker,” “Age Of The Living Dead,” “The Nights Before Christmas,” “What Never Happened,” and “200.”

Swatton began acting at The Oxford School of Drama with “Intervention” and has since performed in productions like “Dreams From The Pit” and “Still Life.”

He also starred in “The Omnibus Bill” at Counterpoint Theatre, and his repertoire features lead roles in plays like “The Ghomeshi Effect” and “Othello” with Theatre Kraken.

He has also starred in “A World Elsewhere” at Theatre 503 and “The Maid of Bankside” at Jermyn Street Theatre.

He also starred in “Ravens” with Sabotage Theatre and “A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” with Honey Tongued Theatre.

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Butchers Book Two: Michael Swatton Wikipedia

Michael Swatton lacks a Wikipedia entry, but his IMDb page references him, and numerous websites discuss his career.

Swatton, the actor standing at 6’3″ and weighing 220 lbs, originates from Royal Tunbridge Wells, England, UK.

With European descent, he falls within the age range of 29 to 39. Swatton’s brown eyes complement his distinctive features.

He began his journey in acting with a postgraduate project at The Oxford School of Drama in 2012.

Michael Swatton Age
Michael Swatton doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, but he’s listed on IMDb (Source: TV Guide)

He is skilled in English and masters diverse accents like Cockney, London, New Zealand/Kiwi, Scottish, Southern American, and US West Coast (California, Portland).

Swatton’s skills extend beyond acting, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. He has garnered recognition for his performances in several notable projects.

In “Ash & Dust” (2022), he portrayed the character Wade. Furthermore, he delivered a compelling performance as Oswald Watson in “Butchers” (2020).

Swatton also shared the screen with Gil Bellows and Tony Curran in “Two Deaths of Henry Baker” (2020), where he played the role of Anson Baker.

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