Cha Seung Won Family: Who Is His Brother Cha Seung-ho?

Peel back the curtain on the Cha Seung Won family saga, where the spotlight isn’t solely on him but extends to the fascinating figure of his brother, Cha Seung-Ho.

Born on June 7, 1970, Cha Seung-won has become a stalwart in the South Korean entertainment industry, initially making waves as a fashion model in the late 1980s before seamlessly transitioning into acting.

His career catapulted to stardom with comedic hits like “Kick the Moon” (2001) and “Jail Breakers” (2002), showcasing his flair for humor.

However, Cha’s prowess expanded across genres, as evidenced by his roles in the period thriller “Blood Rain” (2005) and the melodrama “My Son” (2007).

Cha’s appeal extends to television, with notable performances in series like “City Hall” (2009) and the romantic comedy “The Greatest Love” (2011).

His recent TV ventures include “One Ordinary Day” (2021) and “Our Blues” (2022). His diverse talents also shine in variety shows and web series, showcasing a multifaceted career.

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Cha Seung Won Family: Who Is His Brother Cha Seung-ho?

Cha Seung Won, a renowned South Korean actor, is not the only talented individual in his family. His brother, Cha Seung-Ho, born on February 7, 1983, shares the spotlight in the entertainment industry.

With a passion for acting, Seung-Ho has made a mark in both movies and drama series. Standing tall at an impressive height, Seung-Ho’s career highlights over a dozen of filmography.

His work includes roles in various films such as “The Bacchus Lady,” where he portrayed Detective 2, and “Ode To My Father,” where he took on the character of an elementary school teacher.

His versatility extends to the small screen with notable appearances in drama series like “Stranger 2” and “Itaewon Class.”

Cha Seung Won Family
Cha Seung Won brother is also an incredible actor. (Source: Instagram)

Despite their respective careers’ demands, the Cha brothers’ bond remains strong. Known for their closeness, the two siblings are family and supportive colleagues who look up to each other.

This connection is evident in their mutual encouragement and shared passion for the entertainment industry. Likewise, they are frequently pictured together.

Off-screen, Seung-Ho keeps his fans engaged through his Instagram account (@chacha_seungho), providing glimpses into his life beyond the camera.

In a world where the demands of fame can strain relationships, the Cha brothers stand out as a shining example of the enduring strength of family bonds in the face of a challenging industry.

Cha Seung Won Family: He Is A Father Of Two

Beyond his illustrious career as a renowned South Korean actor, Cha Seung Won is a devoted father to his two children, a son and a daughter, alongside his wife, Lee Soo-jin.

However, Cha Seung Won family dynamic took a heartwarming turn with the revelation about their son, Cha No-ah. The actor disclosed that No-ah, born in 1989, is not his biological son.

The revelation came amid a legal episode when a man claimed to be No-ah’s birth father, prompting a ₩100 million defamation lawsuit against Cha.

The actor’s response was transparent– he admitted that No-ah is Lee’s son from her previous marriage. When Cha and Lee tied the knot, the actor legally adopted No-ah, then three years old.

Cha Seung Won Family
An old picture of Cha Seung Won family from the early 2000s. (Source: Viu)

Cha Seung Won’s son, Cha No Ah, has carved his own path as a professional video gamer. However, Cha No Ah’s life has not been without its challenges.

In 2014, he faced legal troubles for smoking marijuana and an alleged sexual assault on a 19-year-old girl, leading to a period of public scrutiny and personal turmoil.

Through these challenging times, Cha Seung Won stood by his son, offering unwavering support and guidance. He publicly apologized for his son’s actions, taking responsibility for the shortcomings in his upbringing.

Cha Seung Won’s daughter, Rachel Cha, born in 2003, is a private individual, opting to maintain a low-key presence away from the limelight.

Despite her preference for privacy, Cha Seung Won has expressed his deep affection for his daughter, cherishing her strong support and the special bond they share.

As a father, Cha Seung Won embodies love, support, and understanding, navigating parenthood with grace. He provides his children with the guidance and encouragement needed to navigate their own paths in life.

His unwavering support for his son during his legal troubles and his deep appreciation for his daughter’s privacy demonstrate his commitment to their well-being and his respect for their individuality.

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