Chris Bart Williams Wife: Was He Married? Kids And Family Details

Chris Bart Williams, the former Sierra Leonean-born English footballer, had a notable career in the world of football.

Born on June 16, 1974, in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Bart-Williams grew up in North London and began his professional journey at the young age of 16 with Leyton Orient.

Throughout his playing career, Bart-Williams showcased his skills as a versatile player, excelling in both defensive and midfield positions.

Sadly, Chris Bart Williams’ life was cut short, and he passed away on July 24, 2023, at the age of 49.

The footballing world mourned the loss of this talented and versatile player, remembering him for his dedication to the sport and the significant impact he made during his playing days.

Chris Bart Williams Wife: Was He Married? Kids

Chris Bart Williams, the late Premier League star, had a successful career in football and was widely known for his contributions on the pitch.

However, when it comes to his personal life, there is little information available on the internet about his marital status.

No details are indicating that he was married to a partner, and there is no news regarding his dating life, making it challenging to pinpoint his relationship timeline.

Chris Bart Williams wife and kids.
Chris Bart Williams wife Mrs. Bart Williams must be devasted by his untimely demise if he ever tied the knot. (Source: Joe)

Similarly, there is no evidence of Chris Bart Williams welcoming a baby or having children. As of now, nothing can be said about his kids.

Nevertheless, if he had shared wedding vows and expanded his family with a wife, they would undoubtedly be devastated by his untimely death.

The lack of information on his personal life leaves us with the realization that he may have preferred to keep these aspects private.

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Chris Bart-Williams Family: Parents And Siblings

Like details about Chris Bart Williams’ married life are scarce, information about his family, particularly his parents and siblings, remains behind the curtain.

However, it is known that the Sierra Leonean-born English footballer and coach had humble beginnings in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

At the age of four, Bart Williams moved to London with his parents. His brother is an international basketball player for the country of their birth. 

Similarly, some sources on the internet claim that Bart-Williams grew up alongside his brother, who shares the same name.

Indeed, bizarrely, Bart-Williams’ brother is also called Chris. The former Forest midfielder is Christopher, and his brother is Christian, but both go by Chris.

Chris Bart Williams family: parents and brother.
Chris Bart Williams has a brother who shares the same name. (Source: Mirror)

Further, these sites suggest that his brother, Chris Bart  Williams, is a professional basketball player representing Sierra Leone internationally.

Despite this piece of information, there is limited public knowledge about his immediate family and their lives.

Understandably, some individuals, especially public figures like Chris Bart Williams, choose to keep their personal lives and family matters out of the spotlight to maintain a sense of privacy and normalcy.

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Chris Bart Williams Net Worth Before Death: Career Achievements

Chris Bart-Williams, the Sierra Leonean-English footballer, accumulated a massive net worth estimated to be around $5 million.

The late star Bart Williams’ talent did not go unnoticed, and in 1991, Sheffield Wednesday expressed interest in him, eventually buying him for a record sum of £275,000.

During his time at Sheffield Wednesday, he displayed his abilities as an attacking midfielder. He contributed significantly to the team’s successes, including their promotion to the Football League First Division and winning the Football League Cup.

1995 Bart Williams moved to Nottingham Forest for a considerable sum of £2.5 million. He continued to impress with his performances and had a successful spell with the club.

Chris Bart Williams net worth
Chris Bart Williams estimated net worth is around $5 million in 2023. (Source: Nottingham Post)

Despite playing primarily as a defensive midfielder, he managed to score an impressive 35 goals during his time at Nottingham Forest, even earning the distinction of being the club’s top scorer in the 2000-2001 season.

Bart Williams was also renowned for his clinical prowess in free kicks and penalties.

Throughout his career, Bart-Williams represented various clubs, including Charlton Athletic, Ipswich Town, APOEL in Cyprus, and Maltese side Marsaxlokk.

Bart Williams’ contributions on the field earned him honors such as being a part of the Nottingham Forest squad that won the Football League First Division in 1998 and reaching the Football League Cup and FA Cup finals in 1993.

Additionally, Bart Williams achieved a third-place finish with England in the FIFA World Youth Championship in 1993.

While specific details about Chris Bart Williams’ net worth are not available in the provided information, it is evident that his talent and accomplishments as a footballer garnered him significant financial success.

Throughout his career, he moved between various clubs, with his market value reaching its highest at €2.25 million in October 2004.

Following his retirement, Bart-Williams transitioned into coaching in the United States, serving as an assistant coach for SoccerPlus Connecticut, a women’s team in the Women’s Premier Soccer League.

He also contributed as an assistant coach for the soccer team at Quinnipiac University.

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