RHOS: Who Is Caroline Gaultier Husband? Children Details

Who is Caroline Gaultier husband? Unveil the information about the socialite’s marital status and know about her children.

Caroline Gaultier is an Australian socialite who was cast as the cast member of the Real Housewives of Sydney, aired on 10 October 2023.

Caroline is recognized as Sydney’s most stylish party girl who is often spotted in the celebration of the lavish resorts, hotels, and beaches. 

After Caroline Gaultier was seen in the episode of Real Housewives of Sydney (RHOS), fans are curious to know about the familial background of Caroline.

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Who Is Caroline Gaultier Husband: Is She Married?

Caroline Gaultier is considered one of the strong women in the house of RHOS. She is confident, straightforward, and considerable. Moreover, Caroline is a complete package as a fashion icon.

Caroline is believed to be in her late forties, and she is a native of Sydney, Australia. Her residence is located near Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

In her lavish house, she lives with her children, and as for the information about Caroline Gaultier husband, he is not with the family at the moment.

Apparently, Caroline did get married when she was in Paris and eventually got separated because of a lack of interest and compatibility with each other.

In some of the oldest photos on her Instagram, Caroline is seen with her husband and children on a family vacation.

Apart from her husband, there is another man in the life of socialite Caroline, who is Romano Chris. These two are often linked with each other whenever they are seen together on the same screen.

Caroline Gaultier husband
Caroline Gaultier husband: Romano is not Caroline Gaultier’s husband, he is her best friend. (Source: Instagram)

Romano is not Caroline Gaultier husband, but he has been her friend for an extended time. Romano has supported and encouraged Caroline during her hardships but not as a partner.

Romano has his own family and children. His wife is also a close friend of Caroline Gaultier. On the premiere of RHOS, Romano appeared on the red carpet with Caroline and her daughter.

They are more like a family but are connected with relation and closeness, not by blood.

Caroline Gaultier Children: Mother Of Two Kids

Caroline Gaultier is a mother of two daughters who has provided excellent upbringing and parenting to her daughters.

Caroline’s elder daughter, Gigi Evans, was born in 2005; thus, she has marked eighteen years old. Gigi works as a model for several clothing and makeup brands.

Caroline Gaultier’s daughter Gigi is currently studying liberal arts at a university in Australia.

Caroline Gaultier husband
Caroline Gaultier’s daughter Gigi Evans is a university student. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Evans is active on social media; she often posts pictures with her friends on her social media account.

Moreover, the loving daughter of Caroline is dating a boy he is Liam Connors. They started dating in December 2022.

Gigi often posts a picture of her with Liam on time and occasions.

Similarly, Caroline Gaultier’s younger daughter is Aria, who is in her mid-teens. She is a high school girl and mother’s precious person.

Caroline Gaultier husband
Aria is the younger daughter of Caroline Gaultier. (Source: Instagram)

On the Instagram account of Caroline, we can see the entire childhood of Gigi and Aria. Their bond with their father, Caroline Gaultier husband, can also be observed in the details observation on the Instagram posts of Caroline.

Moreover, the mixed emotions of struggle, hardships, and happiness are all experienced by Caroline to be with her daughters and provide the best love for both father and mother.

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