Who Is Chris Hutchinson Wife Elizabeth Bunch? 2 children

Behind every successful man is a supportive partner; so, who is Chris Hutchinson wife, Elizabeth Bunch, and what is their life like raising two children?

Chris Hutchiso is an accomplished American stage actor, director, educator, and voice actor.

He is most renowned for lending his voice to characters such as Naoyuki Okazaki, Marus, and Tojiro Kagisu.

Having resided in Houston for fourteen years, he has been an integral part of the Resident Acting Company at The Alley Theatre.

His journey began with his portrayal of Hal in Proof in 2004, and since then, he has graced the Alley Theatre stage in more than 60 productions.

Furthermore, he has contributed to the world of academia as a Lecturer and Director at Lafayette College and Cornell College.

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Meet Chris Hutchinson Wife Elizabeth Bunch 

Chris Hutchinson, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, is happily married to the talented actress Elizabeth Bunch.

Elizabeth Bunch has garnered recognition for her roles in notable productions such as “Appleseed Alpha”, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” , and “Needless”.

However, her extensive theatrical background shines brightly as she has graced the Alley Theatre stage in over 80 productions.

Her standout performances are in “The Servant of Two Masters,” “Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Jersey Lily,” “Clue,” and “Dead Man’s Cell Phone,” among others.

Their love story spans 17 years, as Chris Hutchinson and Elizabeth Bunch tied the knot in 2005.

Chris Hutchinson Wife
Chris Hutchinson with his wife Elizabeth Bunch. (Source: Houstonia)

0Their journey as a couple coincided with their professional lives, as both of them officially became members of the Alley Theatre’s resident company around the same time.

While sharing their lives both on and off the stage, the couple’s acting prowess has led them to collaborate in an impressive 51 shows at the Alley Theatre.

However, the latest production at the Alley Theatre, titled ‘Constellations,’ holds a special place in their hearts.

Chris Hutchinson affectionately remarks that the best part of acting alongside his wife is the opportunity to propose to her all over again, every night, right there on the stage.

This power couple’s enduring love story, combined with their remarkable talent, continues to captivate audiences both in the theater and beyond.

Who Are Chris Hutchinson Two Children?

The affectionate duo, Chris Hutchinson and Elizabeth Bunch, are parents to two youngsters, Mack and Noble.

Their entire family enthusiastically pursues their shared passion by participating in various theatrical productions.

According to the couple, their children are fond of the backstage environment and consider the Alley’s staff and crew an extended family.

From a young age, it became evident that Mack possessed an innate fearlessness when it came to performing in front of audiences.

On the other hand, Noble’s frequent exposure to the theater sparked his curiosity about trying his hand at acting.

Chris Hutchinson Wife
Chris Hutchinson two children: Mack and Noble. (Source: FamilyMagazine)

At home, he usually assumes the role of the straight man, with the family’s dinner table often filled with attempts to make him laugh.

Noble made his theatrical debut as Tiny Tim in “A Christmas Carol,” while Mack took on several roles, including the boy tasked with fetching the enormous turkey in the play.

The parents emphasize how profoundly meaningful it has been to share the stage with their children Mack and Noble.

Last year, nearly all their family members traveled to Houston to witness their collective performance in “A Christmas Carol,” making it a cherished and unforgettable experience for them all.

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