Coumba Sow Parents: Meet Father Abdoulaye Sow And Mother Johanna Schmeitz

After gaining immense popularity in football, many people have shown keen interest in unraveling details regarding Coumba Sow parents. 

Coumba Sow is a highly acclaimed Swiss footballer who currently plays as a midfielder for FC Basel in the Swiss Women’s Super League.

Having set foot in the professional football journey since the age of 12, Coumba has even appeared for the Switzerland national team. 

Though she made her debut as a national football player in the 2018 World Cup qualifier against the Netherlands, Coumba has been able to establish herself as a respected and talented player on the field. 

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Coumba Sow Parents: Meet Father Abdoulaye Sow And Mother Johanna Schmeitz

Like many other celebrity footballers, Coumba Sow has also not revealed much about her personal life, including her parents. 

However, it has been disclosed that her father’s name is Abdoulaye Sow, and her mother’s name is Johanna Schmitz. 

Aside from this information, details regarding Coumba Sow parents remain undisclosed. Moreover, their professional inclination is also not known to the public. 

Nonetheless, it is evident that Coumba Sow parents have always been her pillar of support and have encouraged her to pursue her football career. 

Coumba Sow Parents
There is little clarity regarding Coumba Sow Parents. (Source: Instagram)

Having reached heights of success, Coumba has faced lots of challenges and obstacles in her journey as a professional footballer. Yet, she thrived to improve due to her family’s unwavering support. 

Whenever possible, her parents have attended her matches and have always cheered her for her games. 

This not only shows how much Coumba Sow parents encourage her to achieve her dreams but also provides a sense of protection to her. 

And, Coumba too, every time she gets a chance, never hesitated to appreciate her family’s kindness and sacrifice. 

Coumba Sow Family Details 

With the rise in Coumba’s fame, many people have been curious about her other family members and who she grew up with as well.

Coumba spent her childhood in Oerlikon, Zurich, alongside her elder sister, younger sister, and younger brother. Her elder sister’s name was Nayah Sow, who tragically passed away.

Even though the football player has not spoken anything about her sister’s demise, it is evident that Nayah’s passing has indeed left a void in her and her family’s hearts. 

However, unlike herself, her siblings are not quite seen in the media. Moreover, they are also not very active on any social media platforms. That’s why there is little information about her sisters and brothers on the internet. 

Nonetheless, Coumba’s two other siblings, Fatimata Sow and her brother Sileye, have been there to comfort her during the difficult times. 

Coumba Sow Family
Coumba Sow is a multi-talented and skilled football player. (Source: TdG)

Talking about the footballer’s ethnicity and religion, Coumba has not revealed anything in detail about her family’s religious inclination. 

But, reports claim that she is of Senegalese descent, just like her father, Abdoulaye Sow.

Additionally, an interesting fact is that her family tree includes Djibril Sow, another Swiss international footballer. 

In addition, coming from two different backgrounds, some people have also speculated that Coumba’s determination, humble, and grounded nature are from her distinct heritage. 

Nevertheless, with the parent’s support and love, Coumba Sow has shown immense talent and hard work in her games.

Her continuous effort to succeed and polish her skills in the field has not only helped her in her career but has also motivated and inspired many young aspiring football players across the world.

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