Who Is Dana Nessel Wife Alanna Maguire? Kids And Family

On July 19, 2023, Michigan Attorney General announced that she filed charges against sixteen people who signed the false claim paper of President Donald Trump’s win in 2020 to overturn the result. This action has made people curious about Dana Nessel wife and family details.

American politician and lawyer Dana Michelle Nessel is serving as the 54th Attorney General of Michigan and an active member of the Democratic Party of America.

Nessel is living history in terms of LGBT society being involved in politics. She is the second openly lesbian woman elected as the attorney general of the state of the USA.

Similarly, Dana is also the first Jew elected as Michigan’s attorney general. She is the key figure in approving same-sex marriage recognition in the United States, which has been banned for several years.

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Who Is Dana Nessel Wife Alanna Maguire?

Dana Nessel got married to Alanna Maguire in July 2015. The couple first met while working on the legal case DeBoer v. Synder in 2014. The case was successful in striking down Michigan’s Ban on Same-Sex Marriage.

After the favored judgment of the case, Nessel proposed to Alanna in 2015 outside of the United States Supreme Court. 

Dana and Alanna’s wedding was officiated by Judge Bernard Friedman– who jas originally struck down the same-sex marriage ban in Michigan in 2014.

Like Dana, her wife is also a political personnel who currently serves as the president of the non-profit “Fair Michigan Foundation.” She is also a U.S. finance and business support supervisor at “RINA Consultation Inc.”

Dana Nessel Wife
Dana Nessel’s wife Alanna is also a political personnel who supports each other in their careers. (Source: Dailymail)

Alanna was also a competitive candidate for the 2021 election of Plymouth City Commissioner.

Thirty-nine years old Alenna Maguire also served as Plymouth Township trustee in 2012.

According to her profile for Commissioner’s election, Alanna is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a B.A. Psychology, B.A. Political science. Similarly, she earned her masters in public policy from Michigan state university.

Alanna mainly works for the Plymouth township and associates with the development and progresses of the city.

Dana Nessel And His Wife Alanna Maguire Kids And Family

Alanna Maguire was born and grew up in the Ridgewood West Subdivision in the Plymouth city of Michigan.

Alanna’s mother has served on the Plymouth District Library Board for about eight years, and her father is also the social worker who advocated for the right and development of the Plymouth township.

Maguire is closer to her grandmother, with whom she shares her childhood memories. Her grandmother lives in the Wedgewood village, and Alanna often visits her grandma along with her lesbian husband, Dana, and their two sons.

The lesbian couple Dana and Alanna are blessed with two twin sons, Alex and Zach, who are students at Michigan State University.

Dana Nessel Wife
Dana and Alanna are blessed with two lovely sons. (Source: Nypost)

Alanna loves her sons so much that so does her wife, Dana. Reportedly, Dana was pregnant with triplets, and the babies weren’t growing, which made her consider abortion.

However, Dana decides to keep the two babies and abort one for the sake of their life. Now, the two are Alex and Zach, the proud sons of their mothers.

Alanna and Dana share a motherly bond with their children, who receive immeasurable love. The family of four manage to share time despite their busy life. 

Mother Dana and Alanna are busy with their political work, and their sons are preparing for their final year of studies.

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