Senator Kyrsten Sinema Partner 2024: Is She Dating After Divorce With Blake Dain?

Senator Krysten Sinema has been commenting on her dating life and relationships. So, who is Kyrsten Sinema partner?

Kyrsten Lea Sinema, a prominent American politician and former social worker, has served as Arizona’s senior United States senator since 2019.

Born in Arizona in 1976, Sinema has a distinguished educational background, having attended Arizona State University Tempe Campus and Harvard Kennedy School.

She’s held diverse political roles, including Representative for the AZ 9th District, Arizona State Senator, and Arizona State Representative.

In December 2022, Sinema made headlines when she transitioned from the Democratic Party to become an independent.

Despite this change, she prioritizes serving her constituents, as seen through her involvement in the 2018 United States Senate elections.

In March 2024, Sinema recently announced that she would not seek re-election in Arizona after serving one term as a senator.

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Who Is Senator Kyrsten Sinema Partner?

Krysten Sinema is not dating anyone in 2024. She remains private, though rumors about her dating life have circulated among other prominent political figures.

Last year, political commentator Keith Olbermann suggested in a tweet that he and Sinema dated for a year, describing her as a progressive at the time.

Sinema has not confirmed this relationship and has not been publicly seen with any romantic partners since her divorce in 1999.

Kyrsten Sinema Partner
As of 2024, Krysten Sinema is not romantically involved with anyone (Source:

Presently, Sinema is reportedly single, and she is one of only two senators who openly identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

She became the first openly bisexual member of Congress in 2013 when elected to represent a U.S. House seat in Arizona.

Despite some misconceptions, Sinema has been candid about her sexual orientation, stating that she has “always been out” to her friends and family.

Sinema publicly announced her bisexuality in 2005 after responding to a Republican colleague’s speech that allegedly insulted LGBT individuals.

In her response, she emphasized the importance of respect for all people, regardless of sexual orientation.

When asked about her statement by reporters, Sinema confirmed her bisexuality, stating, “Duh, I’m bisexual.”

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Is Kyrsten Sinema Dating After Blake Dain?

Following her divorce from Blake Dain, Kyrsten Sinema reportedly has not been dating anyone else.

The politician has been quite guarded about her personal life, especially regarding her relationship with Blake Dain, her college sweetheart whom she married in the 1990s.

Details about Dain are scarce since Sinema has been reticent about sharing about him, responding defensively when asked about their relationship in an interview with AZ Central.

She indicated that she believed their personal history was irrelevant to her political career. The specifics of their marriage and subsequent divorce remain somewhat murky.

Despite marrying in Portland, Oregon, on October 7, 1995, and separating in March 1999, the specifics of their marriage and breakup remain largely undisclosed.

Kyrsten Sinema Partner
Blake Dain was the college sweetheart of Kyrsten Sinema; they married in the 1990s (Source: The US Sun)

Sinema filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, and the couple split their assets fairly evenly during the proceedings. They did not have any children together.

Despite being married, Dain has kept a low profile, notably absent from public photos with Sinema and lacking a visible presence on social media platforms.

Although some basic details like age, height, and religious beliefs have been revealed, his current location and occupation remain unknown.

In light of Sinema’s rising prominence on the national stage, there has been increased interest in Dain’s life, but he prefers staying out of the spotlight.

For now, he is primarily known as the former husband of a prominent senator, with little information about his current endeavors.

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