Danica Jaftha Missing Update 2024: Is Aleesha Jaftha Found Yet?

Stay updated on the distressing situation surrounding Danica Jaftha missing case. Discover the latest on her as family seeks information and the public hopes for her safe return.

In a concerning development, Women For Change and actor Siv Ngesi have raised alarm over the well-being of Danica Jaftha, also known as Aleesha, as expressed by her brother Dale Patience.

Dale alleges that Danica is in an allegedly abusive relationship with Taariq Jaftha, and he accuses Taariq of holding his sister under duress.

The couple shares five young children. GBV activists question Danica’s whereabouts in an Instagram post, shedding light on the distressing situation.

The call for attention to the allegations of kidnapping and domestic abuse involves tagging Taariq’s mother, Nawal Jaftha, a social media influencer.

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Danica Jaftha Missing Update 2024

As of 2024, the troubling situation surrounding Danica Jaftha continues to unfold, marked by allegations of kidnapping and domestic abuse against Taariq Jaftha, the brother of influencer Nadia Jaftha.

Gender-based violence (GBV) activists, Women For Change, and actor Siv Ngesi have amplified the call for attention to these distressing claims.

Danica’s brother, Dale Patience, accused the Jaftha family of protecting Taariq and hiding his sister.

The accusations gained further traction when Dale expressed his concerns in a video shared by Women For Change and Siv Ngesi on their Instagram accounts.

According to Dale, also known as Aleesha, Danica is ensnared in an allegedly abusive relationship with Taariq, whom he accused of holding his sister under duress.

Danica Jaftha Missing Update 2024
GBV activists are accusing Taariq Jaftha, the brother of influencer Nadia, of kidnapping and domestic abuse. (Image Source: The South African)

The question “Where is Danica?” echoed through the GBV activists’ Instagram post, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. 

In a collective effort to shed light on the matter, they tagged not only Nadia and Taariq but also Taariq’s mom, Nawal Jaftha, a social media influencer.

The involvement of prominent figures like Women For Change and Siv Ngesi indicates a united front against gender-based violence and the need for accountability.

Siv Ngesi, known for his outspoken stance, particularly against Taariq following homophobic attacks, expressed disdain, calling Taariq a “monster coward.”

The ongoing updates underscore the severity of the situation and the determination of activists and influencers to seek justice for Danica Jaftha.

As the social media-driven campaign unfolds, the public awaits further developments, hoping for a resolution that ensures Danica’s safety and addresses the allegations of abuse and kidnapping.

Is Danica/Aleesha Jaftha Found Yet?

As of the latest update, the whereabouts of Danica/Aleesha Jaftha remain unknown, adding a layer of concern to the ongoing social media drama surrounding her alleged situation.

Nadia Jaftha, the influencer and sister-in-law to Danica, has taken to Instagram to distance herself from the family turmoil and express her distress over the unfolding events.

In a post shared on Instagram, Nadia acknowledged the unsettling news about Danica’s unknown location, stating that it deeply troubles her.

Nadia clarified that she does not have a relationship with Taariq Jaftha, Danica’s husband, nor is she privy to the details of Danica’s current situation.

She emphasized her commitment to upholding everyone’s rights and expressed her earnest desire for Danica to be found and reunited with her family.

Aleesha Jaftha Found Yet1
Nadia Jaftha distances herself and denies ties to Taariq and Danica drama. (Image Source: Instagram)

Nadia asserted her active cooperation with Danica’s family, particularly the Patience family, and pleaded with Taariq’s mother, Nawal Jaftha, to share any information she might have.

In a call for community assistance, Nadia urged anyone with information about Danica’s whereabouts to contact her family directly.

The post concludes with Nadia expressing her thoughts and prayers for the Patience family, signaling her empathy and support during this challenging time.

The plea for cooperation and information underscores the seriousness of the situation and the collaborative effort to ensure Danica’s safety and reunification with her family.

As the search for Danica/Aleesha Jaftha continues, the public awaits further developments, hoping for a positive resolution to this distressing and uncertain situation.

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