Danny Mcbride Brother Jamie McBride Is An Actor: Family Tree

Is Danny McBride brother Jamie McBride an actor? Find out their familial connection and their professional journey. Danny is famous for his appearance in the long-run series The Righteous Gemstones.

American actor and producer Daniel Richard McBride- Danny McBride is known for her phenomenal contribution to the entertainment industry. He is equally known for his comic roles as a screenwriter and director.

Daniel starred in several movies and tv shows, including Eastbound &Down, Vice Principals, Foot Fist Way, Despicable Me, Kung FU Panda 2, The Angry Birds Movie sequels, and so on. 

In contrast, Jamie McBride is also an American actor known for his Collateral, The Island, Transformers, and Ambulance roles.

Fans and audiences love his performances and acting and always wish to see him in upcoming movies and tv shows.

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Danny Mcbride Brother Jamie McBride Is An Actor

Legendary actor Danny Mcbride is the cousin brother of Jamie McBride. The actors share the same familial relations and ancestry lines.

The actors have yet to clarify the details of their relationship and how they came to be cousins in what terms.

However, the utmost curiosity among the audience and their fan’s research concluded that Danny and Jamie are from the same familial lines.

Moreover, their fathers are biological siblings, which makes them cousins and brothers. But this might be the mere speculation of the fans rather than the authentic information about Danny and Jamie’s relationship.

Danny and Jamie McBride have made their names in their respective acting genres. Danny mainly acts in the comic genre, whereas Jamie is frequently seen in action categories.

Danny Mcbride Brother
Danny Mcbride’s brother Jamie McBride is a semi-professional actor, he is a full-time police officer. (Source: Latimes)

But both are phenomenal and flawless in their works and are often praised for their performance.

The exciting point about the roles and characters of the two brothers is that Danny has played various surfaces, but most revolve around humorous scenes. In the case of Jamie, most roles he portrayed are the character of Police officer, detective, and FBI agent.

Every movie we pick of Jamie is sure to find him in the attire of a police officer, and this is the side of him that his fans and followers love to see him in.

Jamie McBride and his brother Jamie McBride are serving the best for their audience and are accomplishing several achievements.

Danny Mcbride And Jamie McBride Family Details

Forty-six years old Danny McBride was born in Statesboro, Georgia, to his mother, Kathleen Marie Chaby, and his father, James Richard McBride. He belongs to Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry.

His mother and step-father both served at Marine Corps Base Quantico as civilian support and are the great devotee of Christianity. Danny was raised Baptist, and his mother performed sermons in the church using puppets which influenced him in storytelling.

Danny McBride has two younger sisters, Emily and Liz McBride, with whom he shares beautiful sibling bonding.

Danny Mcbride Brother
Danny Mcbride has two gorgeous younger sisters. (Source: Youtube)

Comedian Danny McBride is married to art director Gia Ruiz; The couple married on 15 October 2010. Gia is also a professional screenwriter who rose to prominence after the direction of the movie “The Foot First Way“.

Gia Ruiz is a powerful woman who acquires an influential professional base and is also a responsible mother to her lovely daughter Ava McBride and adorable son Declan George McBride.

On the other hand, Danny McBride’s brother Jamie McBride was born in Venice, California, to his American parents.

Jamie McBride is utmost secretive when it comes to his family information. Jamie is a cop in real life, and his acting job is his part-time work to follow his passion. So, confidentiality and privacy might be his topmost priority.

Furthermore, Jamie McBride’s daughter, Toni and Jacqueline McBride, are also police officer at the Los Angeles Police Department and is recognized as a shooting specialist. Toni is also an Instagram model and influencer. Similarly, Toni is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation officer. 

Danny Mcbride Brother
Jamie McBride’s daughters are also responsible police officers. (Source: Instagram)

Additional information about his family member includes that Steve Austin, ” Stone Cold“, is his half-brother. Steve is an American media personality, actor, and former professional wrestler.

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