DJ D Wrek Wife: Is He Married?

DJ D Wrek wife, is he married? Let us get to know DJ Wrek a little better and find out his current relationship status.

DJ D-Wrek, also known as Deric Battiste, hails from Northern California.

DJ D Wrek has established himself as an American actor, record producer, television personality, and disc jockey.

Recognized for his role as the co-host and DJ on the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out since its first season, broadcast on MTV, VH1, and MTV2, he has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

In addition to his integral role in Wild ‘N Out, D-Wrek has been featured in various commercials, music videos, and events such as Jingle Ball ’04.

Notably, Wrek also serves as Nick Cannon’s official DJ and has made appearances on TV shows like Cheap Date, Malcolm and Eddie, Danny Phantom, and Greek.

Furthermore, he showcased his skills as the tour DJ for the popular boy band, Big Time Rush.

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Who is DJ D Wrek Wife? Is He Married?

DJ D Wrek with his established career has gained widespread recognition from people who are interested in having information about his personal life as well.

People were now interested in knowing about DJ D Wrek’s wife.

However, no reliable source confirms the presence of DJ D-Wrek’s wife.

Likely, Wrek is currently single and not romantically involved with anyone.

DJ D Wrek Wife
DJ D Wrek is currently single. (Source: Instagram)

D-Wrek maintains a low profile in sharing details about his personal life, deliberately staying out of the public eye.

The reason might be because Wrek likes to keep his professional and private life away from one another.

While Wrek hasn’t publicly disclosed his relationship status, it is alleged that he may be seeing someone privately, with the specific details kept confidential.

Hence, it is best not to draw hurried conclusions without sufficient information.

The privacy he has chosen could be due to personal reasons, and it is essential to respect his decision and avoid invading his private life.

Whenever Wrek feels comfortable enough, he will share details about his relationship status.

Details On DJ D Wrek Family

DJ D Wrek was born in Hayward, California, and will be 54 years old in 2024, born on December 16, 1969.

Growing up in Oakland and Vallejo, California, DJ D-Wrek was raised alongside his older sister by his mother.

Maintaining a strong and close relationship with both his mother and sister, Wrek often emphasizes his mother’s key role in his success, crediting her with keeping him away from the streets and out of trouble.

While little is known about D-Wrek’s father, his familial bonds remain a significant influence in his life.

DJ D Wrek Fam
DJ D Wrek’s father’s information is not known. (Source: Instagram)

DJ D-Wrek’s educational journey was at Golden Gate Academy in Oakland, Highland Elementary, and Springtown, topping in his graduation from Castro Valley High School in Castro Valley, California.

Following high school, Wrek pursued further education at Chabot College in Hayward, where he focused on Drama.

D-Wrek’s career kicked off at the remarkable age of 13 when he became a notable presence in the ‘B-boy battle’ or breakdance battle scene.

Wrek’s talents were soon recognized, leading to a recording contract with Caliber Records that pushed him from the unprofessional scene into the world of a professional rapper and DJ.

Since then, DJ D Wrek has not looked back and has gained a lot of success at this age for which he credits his mother and also his sister who always supported him.

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