DJ Hayden Parents: Meet Mother Tori and Father Derek Hayden

Who are DJ Hayden parents? Discover about the familial relationship and parental dynamics of the late athlete.

Derek Sherrard Hayden Jr. was an American football cornerback who played in the National Football League (NFL).

Hayden played college football for the Houston Cougars and was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Apart from that, DJ Hayden also played in the NFL for the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Washington Football Team.

Since his high school days, Hayden was engaged in American football, and he was a noted youth player when he was engaged in College Football.

DJ Hayden died on 11 November in the two-vehicle crash in Houston at the age of thirty-three.

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DJ Hayden Parents: Father Derek Hayden Is A Former Football Player

DJ Hayden was born on 27 June 1990 in Houston, Texas, as the loving son of his father, Derek Hayden, and mother, Tori Hayden.

Hayden was born into a professional family, where most members are associated with their jobs and hold responsible positions.

DJ Hayden’s father, Darek Hayden Sr., is a former football player who played at Texas Southern University.

After competing in college tournaments, DJ Hayden’s father, Darek, stopped playing as he found another work that provided him more excitement and happiness.

DJ Hayden’s father is retired from work and enjoying his elderly life. But he never knew that his precious son would leave the world before him and die in a tragic accident on Houston Street.

DJ Hayden Parents
DJ Hayden Parents: His father is a former American footballer and his mother is a nurse. (Source: Mercurynews)

DJ Hayden’s father taught him the initial steps and techniques of football, and when DJ Hayden was in his teenage days, he watched his father’s regional matches several times.

Similarly, Hayden’s father, Derek, was frequently seen in the son’s games and supported him throughout the matches.

Now, fans would not be able to see the father Darek and the son Darek together in the same frame as DJ Hayden had to bid farewell to the world in a fatal car crash in Houston, Texas.

DJ Hayden Parents: Mother Tori Hayden Is A Nurse

DJ Hayden’s mother, Tori Hayden, is a nurse at the city hospital in Texas. She has been associated with the profession for more than two decades.

DJ Hayden’s parents met in college as students at Northwestern University.

Tori also worked as a personal medic for Hayden in his initial senior career in American Football career.

DJ Hayden’s mother’s caring nature had taught DJ Hayden to develop a gentle character and to be patient.

DJ Hayden Parents
DJ Hayden’s younger brother is also a college footballer. (Source: Abc27)

DJ Hayden’s parents also have a younger son besides Darek Sr. His younger brother Darion is also an American football player who plays with the University of Texas at San Antonio.

DJ Hayden parents had encouraged his younger brother to follow his passion for sports. 

Apart from that, the Hayden family has three more members. They are the wife and children of DJ Hayden.

Mr Hayden was married to his high school girlfriend, Tasha. Similarly, he was father to a son, Darek III, and a daughter named Dior.

Now, the responsibility of DJ Hayden’s children is shifted to DJ Hayden parents, his wife, and younger brother.

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