Dr Sadao Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Surgeon And Scientist Of Japan?

Explore Dr Sadao Wikipedia for insights into the life of a Surgeon and scientist from Japan. Find more details about him in this article.

The story “The Enemy” tells the story of Sadao, including his childhood, relationship with his father, marriage, and journey to becoming a doctor.

Pearl Sydenstricker Buck was an American writer and novelist. She had a Chinese name, Sai Zhenzhu because she grew up in China as the daughter of missionaries.

She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1938.
The story is set against the backdrop of World War II.

It depicts the sorrowful fate of an American POW, prompting the viewer to consider the harshness of war.

The novel also explores the dilemma that a doctor experiences as a result of hiding an enemy.

Let’s get to explore more details regarding Dr Sadao Wikipedia and other details regarding his personal life.

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Dr Sadao Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Dr Sadao Wikipedia page is not available but we can find his details on other sites.

Dr. Sadao was a renowned Japanese surgeon and scientist. His dwelling was a low, square stone structure.

There were a few small islets near the beach. Sadao’s schooling was the primary preoccupation of his father.

His father was just bothered about Sadao’s studies. Sadao was sent to America at the age of twenty-two to learn everything he could about medicine and surgery.

Hana was his wife. Sadao met her in America. One day, Dr Sadao and his wife were standing on their home’s verandah. They were looking at the water.

Dr Sadao Wikipedia
Dr Sadao Wikipedia and biography mention that he was a Surgeon and a scientist from Japan. (Source: Canva)

There was mist on the sea. Suddenly, they saw something dark emerge from the fog. It was a dude.

He staggered, crawling on his knees and hands. Then he collapsed on his face and lay down.

The man was hurt. His face was in the sand. He was wearing wet rags. Sadao and his wife initially assumed he was a fisherman, but as they approached the man.

They discovered that he was an American. An ancient cap clung to his head. He could see the words “V.S. Navy” on it. Dr. Sadao searched for the wound.

He discovered a gunshot wound in his lower back. It looked like he had been shot several days prior.

Dr. Sadao discovered that the man was bleeding. He used sea moss to compress the wound and halt the bleeding.

What Is The Story About?

The story depicts how a Japanese doctor saves the life of an American prisoner of war while overcoming limited biases.

He puts his honor, career, status, and life in danger by concealing and rescuing an enemy camp war prisoner.

The author has skillfully depicted the doctor’s inner battle between being a private individual and a citizen with a strong sense of national loyalty.

The story is set in a Japanese seaside community during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. There is a battle going on between America and Japan.

The Japanese were hostile to Americans and prepared to kill any American found on their territory.

‘The Enemy’ conveys the concept that humanity overcomes all man-made prejudices and boundaries. Dr. Sadao follows medical ethics when treating an enemy.

The story explores the struggle between a man’s obligation to the state and his conscience.

Dr.Sadao is a surgeon who has been brought up in traditional Japanese culture and is a patriot who opposes Americans.

However, he is also a doctor, and his responsibility is to preserve lives, therefore he could not allow the American soldier to bleed to death.

The story opposes racial discrimination and emphasizes the value of humanity above all else.

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