Dr Victor Fadayomi Calgary Wikipedia And Age: Found Guilty For Touching Clinic Staff

Dr Victor Fadayomi Calgary has been trending for negative reasons as he was found guilty of inappropriately touching his clinic staff.

Dr. Victor Fadayomi, a physician based in Calgary, Alberta, has information that may raise concerns.

Dr. Victor Taye Fadayomi was found guilty by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta of inappropriate contact with an employee.

In September 2021, Dr. Victor Fadayomi touched an employee’s breast without consent, deemed unprofessional by the CPSA (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta).

Dr. Fadayomi admitted to the incident. Notably, he has a rating of 3.2/5 on RateMDs, a platform where patients can review doctors.

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Dr Victor Fadayomi Calgary Wikipedia And Age

Born in 1966, Dr. Victor Fadayomi is 58 years old. However, the infamous doctor from Calgary lacks a Wikipedia page.

Fadayomi is an experienced family physician practicing at the Monterey Medical Clinic in Calgary, Alberta.

With credentials from Nigeria and Canada, he completed his residency training in family medicine and holds accreditation from the Canadian College of Family Physicians.

Fluent in English and Yoruba, Victor offers various medical services, including primary care, travel health precautions, chronic illness management, and women’s health services.

Dr Victor Fadayomi Calgary
Dr. Fadayomi practices at the Monterey Medical Clinic in Calgary, Alberta (Source: Global News)

Welcoming patients from diverse backgrounds, Dr. Victor Taye Fadayomi is reportedly accepting new patients at the Monterey Medical Clinic.

There, he conducts minor operations, provides counseling for disease prevention, and offers various medical services.

However, the finding of unprofessional conduct against Dr. Fadayomi is deeply concerning, particularly in a profession that demands the utmost trust and ethical behavior.

Such conduct undermines the trust patients place in their healthcare providers and raises questions about the standards upheld within the medical community.

Dr. Fadayomi’s behavior has rightfully garnered criticism, reflecting poorly on the medical profession as a whole.

This calls for a reevaluation of professional conduct expectations within the healthcare system.

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Victor Fadayomi: Found Guilty For Touching Clinic Staff 

The College of Physicians and Surgeons Alberta determined that Dr. Victor Taye Fadayomi engaged in unprofessional conduct.

This was related to allegations of inappropriately touching a clinic staff member’s breast without consent in September 2021.

Despite Fadayomi admitting to the touching, he maintained it was accidental. Reportedly, he apologized to her for touching the assistant and expressed that a devil made him do it.

The CPSA, or College of Physicians and Surgeons Alberta, found the complainant’s recollection of events to be credible.

As a result, the CPSA’s hearing tribunal is scheduled to reconvene to discuss potential sanctions against Dr. Fadayomi.

Dr Victor Fadayomi Calgary

Dr. Victor Taye Fadayomi has been found guilty of unprofessional conduct (Source: iHeartRadio)

During the hearing, additional allegations emerged at the Monterey Medical Clinic, accusing the doctor of touching the complainant’s buttocks and that of another employee.

Fadayomi offered apologies, and the assistant made it clear that she would not be returning to work.

Additionally, the complainant filed a police report, which did not progress further. Following the incident, the complainant and Dr. Fadayomi exchanged text messages.

Approximately six weeks later, she contacted the College of Physicians to formally file a complaint against Dr. Fadayomi.

The unprofessional conduct of Dr. Fadayomi is not only detrimental to his reputation but also casts a shadow on the trust patients place in the medical field.

Such behavior is especially concerning for a profession that demands the highest standards of ethics and integrity. 

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