Elira Pendora Doxxed- Shared Legal Documents Scandal And Controversy

News about Elira Pendora doxxed is trending, alongside Anycolor’s assertion that it didn’t breach confidentiality regarding Nijisanji’s Selen.

Elira Pendora is an established member of NIJISANJI EN, recognized as an official Virtual Liver.

As a dragon, she boasts a plethora of skills and is particularly noted for her kindness and approachability, traits that have endeared her to her audience.

Elira’s unique persona is depicted as a humanoid dragon, a form attributed to her close connection with divinity.

According to lore, she is identified as a sky dragon, originating from the celestial realms nearest to the sun.

For those interested in delving deeper into Elira Pendora’s character and content, her YouTube channel offers a wealth of information.

Additionally, enthusiasts can explore the Nijisanji Lore Wiki and Virtual YouTuber Wiki for further insights into her background and adventures.

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Elira Pendora Doxxed- Shared Legal Documents

Elira Pendora, along with Vox Akuma and Ike Eveland, released a video statement addressing the Selen Tatsuki situation on February 12, 2024, via Elira’s YouTube channel.

Anycolor, Nijisanji’s parent company, stated on social media that it hadn’t breached confidentiality when sharing information from Selen Tatsuki and her lawyer with its Livers.

Elira Pendora Doxxed
Anycolor specified that it shared parts of the information for internal investigation (Source: X)

The company mentioned that its Livers weren’t bound by confidentiality, so there were no legal issues with the disclosure in the Vtubers’ video stream.

NIJISANJI EN serves as an international extension of the NIJISANJI Project, specifically tailored for English-speaking audiences worldwide.

Unlike branches targeting specific countries, NIJISANJI EN includes English-speaking Livers from diverse backgrounds, catering to a global audience without geographical limitations.

The Luxiem wave, the inaugural all-male group of the branch, swiftly gained immense popularity following their debut.

Their success underscores the high demand for English-speaking male VTubers, reflecting the increasing interest in this segment of virtual entertainment.

In a significant move, on 22 June 2020, Ichikara Inc. rebranded their India-based branch, “NIJISANJI IN,” as “NIJISANJI EN.”

While this was the project’s initial endeavor to target English-speaking regions, the India branch reverted to its original name, “NIJISANJI IN,” on 27 November.

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Read About Elira Pendora Scandal And Controversy

Elira Pendora has been involved in multiple scandals and controversies, including a controversial game backlash apparently related to certain fan issues.

Additionally, she has encountered harassment and criticism from certain individuals, opting to remain silent, which appears to have exacerbated the situation.

Furthermore, allegations surfaced regarding her in-person interactions with another individual named Selen, sparking further controversy.

Inkfy, a Twitter user, remarked that this scandal ranks among the worst PR scandals observed on the platform, highlighting its severity.

Despite being a powerful dragon playing pivotal roles in Arcs 2 and 12 of Nijime in Story, the details surrounding the scandal remain unspecified in current information.

Elira Pendora Doxxed
Elira Pendora’s doxxing trend coincided with Anycolor’s statement of no confidentiality breach (Source: Silicon Era)

Moreover, there was an incident where Elira inadvertently leaked her charm, nearly causing a freeze for everyone present.

The event was captured in a video titled “Elira Accidentally Leaks her Charm and Almost Freezes Everyone.”

On December 1st, Ichikara Inc. announced auditions for the first NIJISANJI EN members, marking a pivotal moment for the project’s expansion.

The auditions, open until December 15th, sought talents from English-speaking countries, without revealing the branch’s identity or VTuber designs at that time.

Among the notable members of NIJISANJI EN’s inaugural wave is LazuLight, debuting on 16 May 2021.

Each member of LazuLight embodies a fantasy creature associated with different aspects of nature, representing earth, sea, or sky.

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