Fact Check: Does Enrique Tarrio Have A Sister Or Brother? Family Tree

Having made a name as a renowned political activist, questions regarding Enrique Tarrio sister or brother have surfaced on the internet in recent times.

Henry Enrique Tarrio, popularly known as Enrique Tarro, is a Cuban-American political activist who is widely known for his chairmanship of the Proud Boys.

Moreover, Enrique has served as the Florida state director of the grassroots organization Latinos for Donald Trump.

And he was also a candidate in the Republican primary election for Florida’s 27th congressional district in 2020. However, he later withdrew from the election. 

Apart from Tarrio’s political career, Enrique was an informant to both federal and local law enforcement.

Enrique’s dedication to his organization and work is truly praiseworthy despite being confronted with multiple violence and being charged with offenses. 

However, lately, the activist has been trending on many news platforms due to his sentence of 22 years in prison. 

Tarrio and three other Proud Boys leaders were prosecuted in May 2023 for conspiracy for his role in the 2021 United States Capitol attack. 

Though he was convicted of many charges and being blamed by the Justice Department for his involvement in many fights, attacks, and criminal activities, Enrique has now been sentenced to 22 years of prison by the U.S. District Judge. 

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Enrique Tarrio Sister Or Brother: How Many Siblings Does The Activist Have?

The popularity and fame of Enrique Tarrio have made people curious about his professional life and his personal matters, including his family.

Enrique’s open-minded personality has left many people wondering about who he grew up with. 

Though he has not publicly discussed his siblings, many reports claim that he grew up alongside his brother and younger sister. 

However, their whereabouts are mostly unknown as it looks like they prefer to stay away from the spotlight. Also the age gap between the siblings is also yet to be revealed. 

Enrique Tarrio Sister
There is a lack of information regarding Enrique Tarrio sister. (Source: WUSA9)

Despite not being seen in public often, the siblings have always supported their brother, especially during his recent trial. 

Though at last the activist was found guilty and sentenced to 22 years of prison, Enrique Tarrio’s sister, fiance as well and family were present to support him throughout the trial. 

Enrique Tarrio Family Tree

Moving on to the popular informant’s family tree, it is well known that Enrique was born to Cuban parents. 

Throughout his professional career and public lifestyle, he has been open regarding his family heritage, which holds a significant place in his life. 

Enrique’s parents were Cuban immigrants who fled the communist government in Cuba and immigrated to the United States before his birth. 

Belonging to Cuban heritage, Tarrio has always been proud of his background. He is often seen speaking about his roots and the struggle his family faced while in search of a better life in the States. 

Enrique Tarrio Family Tree
Enrique Tarrio is a highly acclaimed Cuban descent activist. (Source: Bloomberg)

Many people have speculated that his grounded and humble nature is the result of the pride he carries for his ancestral place. And it is evident in his actions as well. 

Talking about Tarrio’s religious beliefs, Enrique himself has not talked much about this. However, he identifies himself as an Afro-Cuban and holds American nationality. 

The lack of knowledge about the religious inclination of Tarrio’s family has left much room for speculation. 

Many believe that he might have been a Catholic, but still, this is just a rumor. The sentenced activists have not shed light on this matter.

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