Erica Ifill Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Principal?

Erica Ifill Wikipedia: A prominent figure, is the subject of intrigue as her age become the focus of curiosity: just how old is the principal?

As an Award-winning Anti-Oppression Journalist and Economist, Erica Ifill has emerged as a formidable force in the realms of social justice and economics.

With a diverse skill set and a strong commitment to making a difference, she has earned accolades and recognition for her contributions to both fields.

Erica’s journey as an economist, columnist, and founder of Not In My Colour, an intersectional business consultancy in Ottawa, ON, showcases her determination to address the complexities of societal disparities.

Through her consultancy, she seeks to dismantle oppressive structures and foster inclusive environments that embrace diversity and empower marginalized communities.

But Erica’s impact extends beyond the boardroom. As the host of the popular podcast, Bad + Bitchy, she utilizes her platform to engage in candid discussions on politics, social issues, and pop culture through the lens of intersectionality.

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Erica Ifill Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Principal?

As curiosity peaks about the renowned anti-oppression journalist and economist, one question remains: How old is this principal?

Ericica Ifill, a woman of impressive accomplishments, has left her mark as an economist and journalist with a passion for equity and inclusion.

Hailing from educational institutions like Queen’s University and the University of Calgary, where she pursued her Bachelor’s and MA in Economics, respectively, she has undoubtedly honed her expertise.

However, when it comes to her age, the exact information remains elusive, shrouding her in an air of mystery.

Erica Ifill Wikipedia
Erica Ifill is the founder of Not In My Colour. (Source: Facebook)

Despite this ambiguity, Erica’s dedication to fostering inclusive workplaces shines through her co-founding of Not In My Color, an equity and inclusion consultancy.

Her commitment to intersectional feminism is evident in the Bad + Bitchy podcast, where she co-hosts and delves into the realms of politics and pop culture.

As a columnist for The Hill Times, Erica contributes insightful articles on federal politics and economics through an equity lens, and her work has also graced the pages of renowned publications like Maclean’s, Press Progress, and The Globe and Mail.

Furthermore, she actively engages in discussions about equity and politics on prominent media platforms such as CBC, CTV, and CPAC, making her voice heard on critical matters.

While her Wikipedia page may not disclose her age, it certainly illuminates the impressive trajectory of her professional journey and her undeniable impact on various spheres.

More About Multifaced Erica Ifill 

As per Erica Ifill’s bio, her impactful work spans various realms, championing traditionally marginalized communities in the realms of economics, public policy, and technology, all while employing an equity lens to drive meaningful change.

A notable writer and journalist, she showcases her expertise through a weekly column in The Hill Times and other esteemed outlets, utilizing an intersectional analytical framework to dissect policies and explore pop culture.

Notably, her writings can be found at In addition to her literary prowess, Erica co-founded and co-hosts the renowned Bad + Bitchy podcast.

Erica Ifill Wikipedia
Erica Ifill co-hosts the renowned Bad + Bitchy podcast. (Source: Facebook)

In the podcast, she fearlessly delves into politics and pop culture through an intersectional feminist lens, offering weekly deep dives that enlighten and educate listeners about the world we inhabit.

For her advocacy efforts, Erica operates Not In My Color, a research and analysis consultancy that empowers advocacy work, leveraging an intersectional approach to prioritize and uplift the vulnerable.

The dedication to her cause extends to public speaking engagements, where Erica, through Not In My Color, actively participates in panels, lectures, workshops, speeches, and keynotes, amplifying her mission for a fairer and more inclusive society.

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