Who Is Olivia Hardy, William Gao Sister? Wikipedia And Age Gap

Olivia Hardy, William Gao sister, has been a topic of interest, leading curious minds to delve into her Wikipedia and uncover the intriguing details behind their notable age gap.

William Gao, a multi-talented artist hailing from London, has successfully ventured into acting, singing, songwriting, and piano playing.

His television breakthrough came in April, when he portrayed the character Tao Xu in the popular Netflix series Heartstopper, earning him a nomination for the Children’s and Family Emmy Award.

In the realm of theater, Gao has demonstrated his skills in performances such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Glyndebourne Opera and Shakespeare 400 at the prestigious Royal Festival Hall.

As a testament to his growing prominence, both The Face and Viewties magazines have featured in-depth profiles of this rising star.

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Who Is Olivia Hardy, William Gao Sister? Wikipedia And Age Gap

William Gao, the son of a British businessman and his Chinese mother, Liping Hardy Gao, had a close-knit family that moved to England when his mother was in her 20s.

Within this family dynamic, he shares a special bond with his siblings, one brother, and one sister named Olivia Hardy.

Born in 2003, William is the older of the two, with Olivia being just a year younger. Their musical journey began at an early age when they were only 14 and 15 years old.

Fascinated by music, the talented duo embarked on a creative journey, writing their own songs.

They both attribute their passion for music and the privilege of learning it to the unwavering support of their parents, particularly their mother.

William Gao Sister
William Gao and his sister Olivia Hardy. (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in a home filled with music, both William and Olivia were exposed to classical training from a tender age.

At the age of 11, William started learning to play the piano, which he considers to be the greatest freedom he has ever experienced. On the other hand, Olivia pursued her musical talents through violin and singing lessons.

As they continue to grow as musicians, the world eagerly watches to witness the bright future that lies ahead for the young and talented William Gao and Olivia Hardy.

William Gao And Olivia Hardy: WASIA PROJECT

The dynamic duo of William Gao and his sister Olivia Hardy have taken the music scene by storm with their joint musical venture, the band “Wasia Project.”

Founded between the years 2018 and 2019, the inception of the band was rooted in a desire for self-expression and creativity, as stated by Will himself.

Initially, the band was a collaboration between talented siblings, and what sets the Wasia project apart from other musical acts is their strong emphasis on fusion.

This concept is not only evident in their band name, which ingeniously blends “White” and “Asia,” but it also serves as a representation of their diverse cultural backgrounds as half-Chinese and half-English.

William Gao Sister
William Gao and his sister Olivia Hardy in Wasia Project. (Source: Envi)

For Olivia Hardy, it is a powerful statement to see East-Asian culture taking center stage in the music industry, highlighting the importance of representation and diversity.

Despite being relatively early in their musical journey, the talented siblings have already managed to release a noteworthy collection of around five songs.

Looking ahead to the future, the Wasia Project has exciting plans in store for its loyal fanbase.

Beyond creating more captivating content for their listeners, they are also gearing up for a monumental milestone – the release of their highly-anticipated album.

A much-awaited tour is on the horizon, where fans can witness firsthand synergy between William and Olivia when they perform together.

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