Knights: Who Is Evan Simon? Wikipedia, Age And Ethnicity

In the world of college football, one name has recently captured the spotlight – Evan Simon.

Evan Simon is an American college football quarterback who officially committed to the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, marking a significant addition to their Class of 2020 recruits.

At 6’3″ and 200 pounds, three-star pro-style QB Evan Simon had offers from Colorado, West Virginia, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, and Temple, but he ultimately chose Rutgers.

Simon’s journey to Rutgers began with a standout performance during a camp, catching the attention of the coaching staff. Coach McNulty was particularly impressed with his skills.

As time has gone by, the young athlete has continued to rise, becoming a household name for thousands of fans. Let’s learn more about him through this comprehensive article.

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Evan Simon Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Athlete?

Evan Simon, a name that’s been gaining prominence within the college football scene, is making waves as the quarterback for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

While much is known about his performance on the field, fans and enthusiasts may wonder about the age of this rising star.

Simon, who proudly dons the #3 jersey for the Scarlet Knights, comes from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. He had his formative years at Manheim Central High School.

With a double major in Communication and Labor and Employment Relations, he’s not only a standout on the gridiron but also a dedicated student-athlete.

Evan Simon
Evan Simon is an incredible athlete. (Source: APP)

In his collegiate journey, Simon has steadily progressed through the ranks. His career at Rutgers began in 2020, where he didn’t see game action. However, he quickly made his mark in subsequent seasons.

His sophomore year, in particular, showcased his potential as he completed 79-of-137 attempts, throwing for 777 yards and four touchdowns.

In the 2023 season, Simon made an impactful season debut against Wisconsin, throwing for 30 yards and a touchdown. These performances have earned him recognition and a dedicated fan base.

But when it comes to his age, the information remains somewhat of a mystery. Evan Simon celebrates his birthday on April 27 each year, though his birth year is undisclosed.

However, based on his collegiate standing and achievements, it’s safe to assume that Simon is in his early 20s and well on his way to a promising career in the world of college football.

Evan Simon Ethnicity And Religion

Evan Simon, the rising star from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, is undoubtedly a proud American, deeply committed to representing his nation on the football field.

Born to American parents, his ethnicity and nationality are firmly rooted in the United States. He is a proud American youngster with big dreams in his eyes.

Simon’s passion for the game and his dream of one day representing his country on an international stage have endeared him to fans not just in America but worldwide.

He is a devout Christian, and his Twitter profile proudly proclaims him as a “Follower of Christ.” For Simon, faith is not just a label; it’s an integral part of his identity.

Evan Simon
The American athlete Evan Simon is Christian by religion. (Source: Rutgers Wire – USA Today)

He believes in God’s guidance, both on and off the football field, finding strength in his Christian beliefs. Simon views himself as a child of God, infusing his character with a deep sense of purpose and resilience.

While Evan Simon’s skills on the football field continue to capture the hearts of fans and sports enthusiasts worldwide, his faith and American heritage form a strong foundation for the person he is today.

As he pursues his dreams in the world of college football and beyond, it’s clear that his identity as a proud American and a devoted Christian will continue to shape his remarkable journey.

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