Joel Sanchez Madrigal: Fontana Softball Coach Arrested And Charged

A Fontana softball coach arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a young girl, and investigators are looking for more possible victims.

A man from Fontana, Joel Sanchez Madrigal, who coached youth softball, got arrested for being accused of sexually abusing a young girl.

This means he did something very wrong and hurtful to her. The police caught him on Sunday in Bloomington with the help of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

Now, investigators are trying to find more people who might have been hurt by him.

They want to know if other victims might have gone through the same bad experience with this coach.

Finding these other victims is important because it helps the police understand the full picture and make sure that everyone who needs help gets it.

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Joel Sanchez Madrigal: Fontana Softball Coach Arrested 

Joel Sanchez Madrigal, a 47-year-old man, got in serious trouble and was arrested on November 25th.

The police took action because they got reports that he might have hurt a girl.

These reports said that someone allegedly assaulted the girl, who is only 12 years old.

Fontana Softball Coach Arrested
Joel Sanchez Madrigal, 47, of Fontana is accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl( Source:ipleaders)

Now, Joel Sanchez Madrigal is facing some really serious charges.

They say he tried to get the girl to do things that were not okay, did inappropriate things with her using force, and even tried to do something very bad involving a foreign object.

These charges show that he’s accused of doing harmful and wrong things to the young girl.

The police didn’t explain how they found out it was him, but they found and arrested him in Bloomington, a place in San Bernardino County.

They must have had some important information to think he was the one who did these bad things.

It’s crucial to understand that what he’s accused of is very, very wrong. Hurting a young person like that is never okay.

The police are now working hard to find out exactly what happened, and that’s why they arrested him.

They want to make sure he faces the consequences for what he’s accused of doing.

The court will have to decide if he’s guilty or not. This is a very serious situation because it involves the safety of a young person.

The police are doing their best to ensure the girl is safe, and if Joel Sanchez Madrigal does something wrong, he will face the consequences for it.

It’s a reminder that it’s important to speak up if something bad happens, so the police can help and make things right.

Fontana Softball Coach Faces Charges in Alleged Child Abuse Case

After getting arrested on November 25th, Joel Sanchez Madrigal first was kept in the West Valley Detention Center located in nearby Rancho Cucamonga.

His initial bail was set at a high amount – $120,000. The situation regarding Joel Sanchez Madrigal’s release is indeed unusual.

Even though he was initially booked over the weekend with a bail set at $120,000, updated records indicate that he was released from jail custody on the following Monday without having to pay any bail money.

Fontana Softball Coach Arrested
Joel Sanchez Madrigal was arrested on suspicion of engaging in inappropriate conduct with a 12-year-old girl. ( Source:thedailyguardian)

So as of now, Madrigal does not remain in imprisonment even with very serious charges against him still pending.

He walks free present day. We do not know the exact reasons why he got unexpectedly released all of sudden without bail or if that may change.

But documents proved he was suddenly let go days after getting behind bars when arrested over Thanksgiving 2022 weekend related to a disturbing case.

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