Is Noura Erakat, Fouseytube Sister? Parents And Family Ethnicity

Is Noura Erakat, Fouseytube Sister? Her familial connections, parental background, and ethnic heritage have been subjects of curiosity.

Noura Erakat, an American activist, legal scholar, and human rights attorney, currently holds the position of associate professor at Rutgers University, specializing in international studies.

Her central area of expertise revolves around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, through which she has gained recognition for her outspoken critique of the State of Israel.

Presently, she serves as an associate professor within Rutgers University’s Department of Africana Studies and the Program in Criminal Justice.

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Fouseytube Sister: Is Noura Erakat, His Sibling? 

Indeed, Noura Erakat is recognized as the sister of Yousef Erakat, more widely known as FouseyTube within the realm of YouTube.

Over the span of a decade, Fousey has been an active participant in the entertainment sector, particularly in the online domain.

Initially focusing on fitness-oriented content, he later shifted towards creating videos with a Middle Eastern theme.

His content repertoire encompasses parodies, vlogs, comedic skits, and interviews. Alongside his primary channel, he manages two additional ones: Fousey and DoseOfFousey.

In 2016, FouseyTube reached a significant accomplishment when he secured his inaugural major acting role as the character Jonathan in Tyler Perry’s comedic movie “Boo!”

Beyond his acting endeavors, he ventured into the world of boxing from 2019 to 2022.

His boxing debut took place on September 29, 2019, when he faced Slim Albaher and experienced a technical knockout defeat.

Fouseytube Sister
Noura Erakat with his brother Fouseytube. (Source: Celebs)

Parallel to his public successes, Fousey has been candid about his ongoing struggles with depression, addiction, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Noura Erakat possesses two other siblings, one of whom is Mohammad Erakat. Tragically, in June 2020, a devastating incident occurred involving Noura Erakat’s cousin, Ahmed Erakat.

His vehicle collided with a military checkpoint in the West Bank near Abu Dis, resulting in him being shot and fatally wounded by Israeli soldiers.

The officers defended their actions by claiming self-defense, asserting that Ahmed had attempted to use his car as a weapon.

However, according to Noura, he was on his way to pick up his sister and mother from a beauty salon, while Israeli authorities contended that he had attempted to run over the checkpoint situated in the Palestinian village.

Noura Erakat Parents And Family Ethnicity

Noura Erakat was born into a devout Muslim family of Palestinian origin, with both her parents hailing from Palestine.

Growing up in the United States, she possesses an American-Palestinian nationality and identifies with an Asian-Arabian ethnicity.

Her parents migrated to the U.S. following the Syria and Israel conflict, though their names remain undisclosed as Noura prefers to shield her family life from public attention.

Undoubtedly, her noteworthy accomplishments must bring immense pride to her parents. 

In 2010, Erakat co-founded Jadaliyya, an online magazine associated with the Arab Studies Institute, a nonprofit organization with offices in Washington, D.C., and Beirut.

Between 2013 and 2014, she served as the Legal Advocacy Coordinator at the Badil Center for Refugee and Residency Rights.

Fouseytube Sister
BigstarIn frame: Noura Erakat parents. (Source: )

She holds board positions at the Institute for Policy Studies, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, and the Arab Studies Institute.

Her significant literary contribution includes the book “Justice for Some: Law and the Palestinian Question,” which garnered the prestigious 2019 Palestine Book Awards.

In her personal life, Noura Erakat is happily married to her long-term partner, Bassam S. Haddad.

Haddad is an assistant professor at George Mason University’s Scholar School of Policy and Government.

Their union took place secretly, away from public knowledge, and they continued to enjoy their life together.

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