GBM 2024: Cal Byerley Wife Siân Byerley- Married Life And Children

Delve into the famous Pine Restaurant’s chef Cal Byerley wife Siân Byerley. 

Cal co-created the food offering at Pine with his friend Ian, whom he met and collaborated with at Grasmeres Michelin Starred Forest Side.

Cal likes to use products and providers that are local when possible and enjoys cooking with materials he can collect from his yard. Cal began his career in the hospitality sector at the age of sixteen.

He has since worked in some of the top restaurants in the North East, including two years as Head Pastry Chef at (1*) Forest Side under Kevin Tickle and five years at Rogan and Co.

With great success, Cal opened Pine in May 2021, becoming the second Michelin-starred restaurant in Northumberland. Among his many honors were a Michelin Green Star and a new restaurant prize.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox & the Horse by Northumbrian author and illustrator Charles Mackesy served as the model for his menu.

Pines’ head-to-tail butchery, use of the best local ingredients obtained from independent sources, and comprehensive preservation processes to minimize waste and operate as sustainably as possible form the foundation of their food offering.

Let’s get into the article to know more about Cal Byerley Wife Siân Byerley and other details regarding their married life and kids.

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GBM 2024: Cal Byerley Wife Siân Byerley

Cal Byerley is married to Siân Byerley. Cal Byerley Wife, Siân, who grew up in Newcastle, has over 16 years of experience in the hospitality sector.

When Siân was twenty-one, she embarked on a global tour with the highly regarded, six-star Seabourn fleet, which ignited her enthusiasm for excellent food.

During her travels, Siân collaborated with renowned chefs from all over the world, such as Thomas Keller, who has won numerous awards.

Cal Byerley Wife Siân Byerley
Cal Byerley wife Siân is also in the hospitality field as Cal. (Source: Instagram)

Desiring her native location and the welcoming atmosphere of Northumberland, Siân settled into Kenny Atkinson’s Michelin-starred “House of Tides.”

It was here that she felt the delight of seeing others’ abilities blossom.

Later, she became a teacher in the hospitality industry, contributing to the development of the promising future of hospitality in the North-East.

​As the talented front of house team leader at Restaurant Pine, Siân now intends to define her career.

Cal Byerley Married Life And Children

They appear to be a happy couple who have been dating for a few years based on their Instagram photos. They don’t currently have any kids.

Their mutual love of food and eating, along with their shared expertise in the hospitality sector, is likely what drew them together both personally and professionally.

Running a restaurant can be a challenging but gratifying endeavor, and their business and marriage union probably strengthens and deepens their bond.

The length of time they spent together before getting married suggests a solid base of love and dedication.

Cal Byerley wife
Leading the skilled front of house staff at Restaurant Pine is how Siân plans to mold her destiny. (Source: Instagram)

Their new marriage strengthens their relationship even more and is a significant turning point in their relationship.

Even though they don’t yet have kids, it seems like they are making deliberate plans for the future given their attention to growing their restaurant and strengthening their marriage.

Cal Byerley and his wife are committed to one another and their shared love of hospitality, regardless of whether they decide to grow their family or keep concentrating on their jobs.

Sian had the honor of being listed as one of the top 100 influential women in hospitality by CODE Hospitality in 2022.

Shortly after, she qualified as a finalist for the Institute of Hospitality’s Restaurant Manager of the Year award.

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