Kernel CEO Giorgi Tukhashvili Death Linked To Ski Accident: Obituary

Giorgi Tukhashvili death has stirred the whole startup community as the software developer had a significant contribution to the Georgian innovative ecosystem.

Giorgi Tukhashvili, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kernel, passed away tragically while skiing in Bakuriani.

Giorgi Tukhashvili, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kernel based in Tbilisi, Georgia, passed away.

With 15+ years in the tech industry, he worked as a software developer for over 9 years before transitioning to a product manager role, amassing 6+ years of experience.

Tukhashvili was known for his contributions to greenfield product development in startups and major corporations in Georgia, generating substantial revenue.

Throughout his career, he held leadership positions, including Head of Fast Loans via web channels at TBC Bank, Co-Founder and CIO at MFO LTD “FinPort,” and CEO at Flexbox.

Giorgi demonstrated his strategic acumen by defining company strategies, managing product launches, and overseeing IT architecture.

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Giorgi Tukhashvili Death Linked To Ski Accident

Tragically, Giorgi Tukhashvili, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kernel, a prominent Georgian startup, has passed away.

The unfortunate incident occurred while he was skiing in Bakuriani. In addition to his pivotal role at Kernel, Tukhashvili also served as a Co-Director at Startup Grind Tbilisi.

Kernel is renowned for its focus on the digitalization of SMEs.The company’s official website states that, Kernel offers the simplest way to create and automate invoices.

 Giorgi Tukhashvili Death
Giorgi Tukhashvili, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kernel, passed away while skiing in Bakuriani (Source: Caucasus Business Week)

As the co-founder and CEO of Kernel since October 2023, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s vision and strategy.

Tukhashvili led teams of 5-40 people, overseeing product planning, development, and launch. His expertise extended to agile processes tailored for the post-Covid era.

In addition to his role at Kernel, Tukhashvilisignificantly contributeds to the tech and startup ecosystem.

Hewass the Co-Director of Startup Grind Tbilisi, Georgia, from January 2018 to the present, where he engaged in private sector initiatives for a USAID information integrity project.

He also ran an acceleration program, Venture Elevator, and organized the largest Regional Startup Grind conference in 2019 and 2020.

Tukhashvililedg, a Georgian startup delegation, visited Silicon Valley and London in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022.

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Read About Kernel CEO GiorgiTukhashvili’si Obituary

With the unfortunate incident of Kernel CEO Giorgi Tukhashvili’s demise, BMG expressed its deepest condolences.

His innovative ideas, boundless energy, ambitious spirit, and contributions to the Georgian startup ecosystem have left an enduring impact.

The heartfelt sympathies were sent to his extensive family, partners, friends, and the entire Georgian innovation community affected by this profound loss.

Since September 2017, he has received a 97% positive recommendation from students as a Senior Business Advisor for YES Georgia (Youth Entrepreneurship School).

He also mentored over 100 startups and actively participated in curriculum development for teaching entrepreneurship.

Tukhashvili served as a Small Grants Judge for Enterprise Georgia and a Prototype Grant Judge for GITA (Georgian Innovation Technology Agency).

 Giorgi Tukhashvili Death
Condolences were sent to his family, partners, friends, and the Georgian innovation community affected by this loss (Source: Forbes)

Additionally, he was involved in various capacities with organizations such as Media Lab and Ideadrom competition.

Tukhashviliwass is a Senior Software Developer at TBC Bank and Abt Associates, contributing to strategic projects and enhancing software architecture.

He began his career as a Software Developer at TBC Bank and later worked on web development projects at Saatec.

Giorgi Tukhashvili’s impact exceeded his professional achievements, leaving a lasting legacy in Georgia’s tech and startup communities.

His untimely passing is mourned by those who had the privilege of working with and being inspired by him.

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