Gordon Mcqueen Health At Death: Died Of Cancer

The world of football is both mourning and concerned about Gordon Mcqueen health during his latter years, after his tragic passing on June 15, 2023. Did he die of cancer?

Born on 26 June 1952, McQueen’s career spanned St Mirren, Leeds United, Manchester United, and the Scotland national football team. Following his playing days, he ventured into coaching, managing Airdrieonians, and returning to St Mirren during the 1980s.

Having represented Scotland 30 times and scoring five goals, McQueen was part of the successful 1976–77 British Home Championship squad. Unfortunately, he faced health challenges in the latter days of his life.

The athlete’s untimely passing at the age of 70 marks the end of a stellar footballing career, leaving behind fond memories for fans and fellow players alike. The world continues to grieve his loss while wishing their role model to rest in peace.

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How Was Gordon Mcqueen Health At Death?

Gordon McQueen, the legendary footballer, passed away on June 15, 2023, at 70, due to vascular dementia.

His family revealed his diagnosis in 2021 to raise awareness about the condition and its potential connection to heading the ball in football. The athlete was said to have expressed concern that his repetitive heading during training sessions may have contributed to his dementia.

While the exact reason for his illness was never traced back, his family hoped that sharing his experience would raise awareness and assist others suffering similar difficulties.

Generally, vascular dementia patients suffer cognitive decline and various symptoms caused by reduced blood flow to the brain. In McQueen’s case, he experienced speech, understanding, everyday activities, eating, and mobility challenges.

Gordon Mcqueen Health
Gordon Mcqueen health was deteriorating at the time of his death due to vascular dementia. (Source: Facebook)

Vascular dementia took a toll on his overall health, and his condition deteriorated over time, eventually leading to his death. So, it is not hard for us to assume that his health condition during his death was not good.

The family’s statement after McQueen’s passing expressed their deep sadness and emphasized his memorable character. McQueen was described as the heart and soul of every occasion, a fun-loving father, and an entertainer who lived life to the fullest.

Likewise, the statement expressed sadness for his dementia and early passing while acknowledging the support and care provided by organizations such as Herriot Hospice Homecare, Marie Curie, and Head for Change.

Condolences have been pouring in from fans, fellow footballers, and the wider community. McQueen’s contributions to the football world and his courageous battle against dementia left a lasting impact.

Gordon McQueen will be remembered for his outstanding football career and his spirit and zest for life.

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Did Gordon Mcqueen Die Of Cancer?

The recent passing of former Manchester United and Scotland defender Gordon McQueen has sparked speculation about the cause of his death. While McQueen did battle cancer in the past, his demise was not due to a revival of the disease. Instead, he surrendered to dementia.

At the age of 59, McQueen was diagnosed with larynx cancer in 2011. He sought medical attention for this issue at the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, near his North Yorkshire residence.

In an interview with Aidan Smith of “The Scotsman” in 2015, he mentioned that the radiotherapy treatments for his larynx cancer were challenging, as he had to wear a mask and be secured to a table.

Gordon Mcqueen Health
Gordon Mcqueen was diagnosed with larynx cancer in 2011. (Source: Facebook)

Unfortunately, the treatment damaged his voice box, leaving him unable to speak for a period. However, he embraced his altered voice, finding happiness in its unique character.

The cancer was successfully treated, but subsequent health issues plagued him. To add to his ongoing health condition, McQueen suffered a stroke in March 2011, followed by joint problems that severely impacted his mobility.

Although the football jock admitted to smoking throughout his playing days and enjoying alcoholic beverages, he quit smoking after his cancer diagnosis. He successfully overcame the disease and continued to live his life to the fullest in the following years.

While the Scott native faced health challenges and fought a brave battle against cancer, dementia ultimately took his life.

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