Fact Check: Is Patrick Criado Gay? Family And Net Worth

Is Patrick Criado Gay? Who is his partner at the moment? To get the answers to these questions, delve into the write-up and learn more about the Money Heist actor.

Patrick Criado de la Puerta is a Spanish actor popularly known for his role in the Spanish tv series Aguila Roja

The actor had his debut in 20o5, as a guest appearance in Amar en tiempos revueltos. Consecutively Patrick starred in Con Dos Tacones in 2006. Criado is praised for his acting skills and persistence in his work and is loved among his fans.

Recently Criado appeared in the Tv series Money Heist and currently, the actor is promoting his new movie Bird Box Barcelona.

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Is Patrick Criado Gay? His Gender Identity Revealed 

Undoubtedly, Patrick Criado is a phenomenal actor who focuses on natural and genuine acting. 

However, sometimes his own decision puts him in a controversial situation. In the 2018 tv drama Unauthorized Living, there was a scene where Patrick’s character Daniel Ateaga kissed another male character Freddy– played by Edgar Vittorino.

After the airing of that certain episode, fans started to speculate that Patrick Criado might be gay. However, the actor has not revealed his sexual identity and addresses the questions regarding his gender. 

Patrick Criado Gay
Money Heist actor Patrick Criado has not revealed any statement regarding his being gay. (Source: trendlor)

Meanwhile, fans are busy shipping any of his fellow actors. Patrick shares the screen in any genre of movie and tv series.

Looking at the present scenario, it is pretty sure that Patrick Criado is straight. However, we never know about the human heart and attraction; it can happen to anyone at any time.

Therefore, it will be wise if fans and followers wait for the statement from the actor himself.

Patrick Criado Family Details

Patrick was born on 23 September 1995 in Madrid and grew up in the neighborhood of La Elipa along with his younger brother Jorge Criado

The personal information of Criado’s parents is not available as the actor decided to keep it private. However, he has mentioned several times that his parents are his biggest supporters and greatest fans.

Witnessing their son’s progress, popularity, and success Patrick’s parents must be the proudest of all. Similarly, the actor is also close to his grandparents.

Patrick has posted pictures of him with his grandparents on his Instagram account and stated them as the coolest grandparents and best friends. 

Patrick Criado Gay
Patrick Criado is close to his grandparents and respects them. (Source: Instagram)

In an interview about his movie promotion, the actor had once mentioned that his grandmother used to take him to the Red Eagle recording studio.

Furthermore, Patrick is super close to his little brother Jorge Criado. The actor barely posts any pictures of his parents on his media handles.

However, his social media tabs are almost covered with his picture with his brother. The two siblings have a similar energy, and they spark identical vibes.

Although the actor has not revealed much more about his family, it is pretty sure that he is close to them, and the family spends quality time together.

Patrick Criado’s Net Worth

As an actor, Patrick has been associated with several projects and earned a good sum of money.

His exact wealth database is yet to be revealed; however, as per the estimation of the various internet resources, Patrick Criado’s net worth is estimated to be $2-4M.

Patrick Criado Gay
Patrick Criado enjoys biking to the hills and loves to travel the world. (Source: Instagram)

His episode paycheck in the tv series Money Heist was $50 K per episode. Similarly, per the ERI economic research, the average pay of an actor in pain ranges between €35,879 and €62,556.

Furthermore, going through his Instagram, we can estimate that Patrick Criado is enjoying and experiencing every life adventure.

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