Hannibal Mejbri Parents: Meet His Father Lotfi Mejbri And Mother

Who are Hannibal Mejbri parents – his father, Lotfi Mejbri and his mother? Discover their background and their influence on Hannibals’ career.

Hannibal Mejbri, a skilled soccer player, demonstrates his midfield prowess for the prestigious Premier League club Manchester United and takes pride in representing the Tunisia national team in international competitions.

Transitioning into the Manchester United youth system in 2019 from AS Monaco, Mejbris’ journey traces back to his time at the Clairefontaine Academy, where he honed his skills.

His inaugural appearance in the senior squad came during a Premier League match in May 2021, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

Displaying his prowess, Mejbri embarked on a loan stint for the 2022–23 season with Championship club Birmingham City, demonstrating consistency and even registering his maiden senior goal.

Amid interest from various English clubs, Mejbri had a brief tenure at Athletic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt before making a €1 million move to AS Monaco in 2018.

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Hannibal Mejbri Parents: Meet His Father Lotfi Mejbri And Mother

Hannibal Mejbris’ journey began in the vibrant town of Ivry-sur-Seine, France, where he was nurtured by a close-knit family comprising his parents, two brothers, and a sister.

As the youngest in the family, Mejbri found himself often on the receiving end of disciplinary actions, a fact he candidly acknowledges.

His father, Lotfi Mejbri, emerged from a notable career as a Tunisian footballer, a background that undoubtedly infused his household with a deep appreciation for the sport.

Lotfis’ passion for the game, coupled with his experience, may have laid the foundation for Hannibals’ later immersion in football.

Hannibal Mejbri Parents
Hannibal Mejbri with his loving parents. (Source: Foottheball)

While Hannibals’ father’s influence is palpable, the identity of his mother remains shrouded in mystery, adding an intriguing layer to his family narrative.

Though her name hasn’t been unveiled, she is believed to have pursued a career as a physiotherapist in the past.

Hannibal Mejbris’ dual citizenship, embracing both French and Tunisian nationalities, reflects his diverse background.

Within the Mejbri family, the love for sports is not confined to Hannibal alone.

His brother, Abderrahmen Mejbri, has carved his own path in the sporting realm as a coach associated with Pho Hien FC.

As Hannibal Mejbri continues to make his mark on the football field, it’s evident that his family, including his father Lotfi and the mysterious yet impactful presence of his mother, have played instrumental roles in shaping his journey.

Hannibal Mejbri Salary And Net Worth Explored

Hannibal Mejbri, a rising star in the world of professional football, has not only captured the attention of sports enthusiasts with his exceptional skills but has also amassed a substantial net worth exceeding $500,000.

As a dynamic and active player in the sport, Mejbris’ salary is poised to ascend even further in the forthcoming years.

Holding a significant professional contract with the renowned Manchester United, valued at €10 million, he commands a weekly salary of £13,000, translating to an annual wage of £676,000.

Hannibal Mejbri Parents
Hannibal Mejbri lives a lavish lifestyle thanks to his successful career. (Source: Instagram)

Reflecting on his progress, it’s intriguing to note that during the 2020 season, Mejbris’ weekly earnings were £5,200, accumulating to a yearly income of £270,400.

Beyond his involvement with Manchester United, Mejbri has also established a partnership with the sportswear giant Adidas, adding another layer to his growing financial portfolio.

Currently, his market value stands at an impressive €6 million, a testament to his steadily ascending career trajectory.

With his performances continuing to garner attention and recognition, the trajectory of Mejbri’s income appears to be on a promising upward trajectory.

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