Volleyball Player Harper Murray Parents: Father Vada Murray And Mother Sarah Murray

Meet the talented volleyball player Harper Murray parents, father Vada Murray and mother Sarah Murray who have played a pivotal role in shaping her athletic journey.

Harper Murray, an exceptional volleyball talent, garnered significant recognition during her college career at Nebraska.

In 2023, she earned the prestigious title of USA TODAY HSSA National Girls Volleyball Player of the Year.

Prior to her collegiate success, Harper stood out as the Gatorade National Player of the Year and Michigan Volleyball Player of the Year in high school.

Despite being just a freshman at Nebraska, Harper is making a remarkable impact on the team, living up to her status as the top prospect in her high school graduating class.

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Who Are Harper Murray Parents: Father Vada Murray And Mother Sarah Murray?

Harper Murray’s father, Vada Murray, was more than just a police officer in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

He had a notable college football career during his time at the University of Michigan, where he proudly donned the number 27 on his jersey.

Tragically, Vada passed away when Harper was only six years old, a victim of lung cancer, despite never having smoked a day in his life.

Harper has expressed how she can feel her father’s presence beside her, his love serving as a source of strength and motivation.

Harper Murray Parents
Harper Murray Parents: Harper with her mother Sarah Murray. (Source: Mlive)

Although little is known about Harper’s mother, Sarah, one thing is evident: she played a crucial role in keeping the family together after Vada’s passing.

Harper’s mother, Sarah became the rock that her daughters could lean on during challenging times, showcasing immense strength and resilience.

Harper’s mother has highlighted that her daughter inherited her father’s drive and determination, which have undoubtedly fueled her accomplishments.

Harper’s parents, Vada and Sarah Murray deserve heartfelt congratulations for their daughter’s remarkable journey in the world of sports.

Vada’s legacy continues to inspire and motivate Harper, while Sarah’s steadfast support has played an essential role in nurturing her talents.

Harper Murray Tribute To Her Late Father Vada Murray

Harper Murray’s late father, Vada Murray, was more than just a football player; he was a legendary defensive back for Michigan during the 1980s.

Vada’s connection to the world of sports didn’t stop there; his name, “Vada,” was a tribute to the Cincinnati Reds great, Vada Pinson.

Before donning the maize and blue at the University of Michigan, Vada Murray was already making waves as a star football player in his hometown of Cincinnati.

What’s more, he wore the iconic No. 27 jersey during high school, and when he made it to Michigan, he insisted on keeping that very number.

Both of his daughters, Harper and Kendall, who have excelled in the world of volleyball, proudly wear the No. 27 jersey as a tribute to their father’s enduring influence on their lives.

Harper Murray Parents
Harper Murray parents: Harper and her father Vada Murray. (Source: Nebraska)

Harper, one of the top recruits nationally in the Class of 2023, made the request to wear the number 27 while playing for her club.

Although she was very young when her father passed away, leaving her with limited distinct memories, the image of him wearing that number in photographs remained etched in her mind.

But beyond the jersey number, Harper carries her father’s memory with her in everything she does, both on and off the volleyball court.

Her dedication to honoring her father’s legacy through her performance is a constant reminder of his profound impact on her life.

Harper continues to honor her father’s memory, ensuring that his spirit lives on through her athletic achievements.

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