Who Are Heather and Eitan, Erin Patterson Parents? Sister Ceinwen

Who were Erin Patterson parents? Delve into the article to learn about her family details and sibling’s information.

Erin Patterson is an Australian woman from Leongatha, Victoria. Her name has been in the headlines these days because of her claimed inhumane behavior.

Erin was arrested on 2 November 2023 by Victoria police, and her whole house was being searched. But up to now, the charges are yet to be laid.

In one police statement, Victoria police had confirmed homicide squad detectives had arrested Patterson, and further procedures are being applied in the case.

Erin Patterson was recognized as a friendly person around her neighborhood and loved by her relatives.

But, they were never aware that their beloved person, Erin’s food, would be the reason for their death.

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Erin Patterson Parents: Mother Heather And Father Etian Scutter

Erin Patterson grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Waverley and was raised with the love and affection of her father, Etian Scutter, and mother, Heather Scutter.

Erin Patterson parents had always been kind and lovable to her and raised her with praise and adequate support.

However, in 2019, she lost her father 2011 and her mother in 2019. Both of Erin Patterson parents’ death was expected from the mushroom poisoning, but later, it was revealed that they died of natural cause.

Erin Patterson’s mother was a noted children’s literature professor who received her Ph.D. degree. With the money she earned throughout her life, Heather divided equal shares between her two daughters.

Erin Patterson parents
Erin’s father-in-law, mother-in-law, and two relatives are the victims of her crime. (Source: Dailymail)

According to one of the neighbors of Erin Patterson’s mother, Heather Scutter, she was battling with cancer for several years, and it took her slowly. 

Similarly, Erin’s mother often went to Melbourne for treatment and came back to her house in Victoria. However, she failed to save herself from the deadliest disease, cancer and lost her life in 2019.

In 2011, Erin’s father, Eitan, also died after his battle with cancer. Like his wife, Heather Etian also struggled for his life but could not make it through the disease.

After the death of Erin Patterson parents, she got half of their property. Since her inheritance, Patterson has bought three properties, including a house that has become infamous as a killer’s house.

It is the same Leongatha house where she held the mushroom pie lunch, and it took the lives of three people, leaving one in severe condition in hospital.

Erin Patterson Siblings And Family Details

Erin Patterson has memorable moments of her childhood with her sister Ceinwen Scutter. Erin and her sister Ceinwen are the only heirs of their parents, Heather and Eitan Scutter.

Erin Patterson’s sister, Ceinwen Scutter, is a trained geologist with her Ph.D. at Monash University of Australia.

Ceinwen is a geologist and also a professor at a reputed university. Unlike her sister Erin, Ceinwen followed in the footsteps of her mother in her profession.

There are several research papers and notes written by Ceinwen Scutter regarding geology and geography all over the scholarly pages of the internet.

Ceinwen was living a quiet life away from the media but now is in the center of headlines cause of her sister, Erin Patterson.

Erin Patterson parents
Along with her Erin Patterson has dragged her family in the centre of media. (Source: 9news)

Up to now, Ceinwen is only the close relative of Erin, who died because of her deadly mushroom pie and its poison.

Till now, three people died of her horrible act. Erin Patterson’s estranged father-in-law, Don Patterson, her estranged mother-in-law, Gail Patterson, and Gail’s sister-in-law, Heather Wilkinson, died of the mushroom poison.

Similarly, Gail’s husband, Ian Wilkinson, is at a hospital in critical condition, battling for his life.

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