Meet Heather Ewart Husband Barrie Cassidy: Kids And Family

Learn about popular Australian journalist Heather Ewart Husband and more about her children’s and family’s personal and professional life. 

Heather Ewart is an Australian Journalist and television host who is mainly known as the presenter for ABC TV’s “Back Roads.”

She has also worked as a National Affairs Correspondent for 7.30 as the specialist in coverage of federal issues. Similarly, she has covered federal politics for ABC TV and radio over several years.

Besides her profession as a political correspondent, she has also been a foreign correspondent for London, Washington, and Brussels.

2007 “Golden Quill Award” winner Heather covers Australia’s smaller communities and the state’s stunning countryside in her show “Back Roads” which is loved by the public since its first airing in 2015.

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Meet Heather Ewart Husband Barrie Cassidy

Heather Ewart got married to Australian journalist Barrie Cassidy in the early 1990s.

In 1991, Barrie Cassidy moved to Washington D.C to be with his wife – then girlfriend Heather Ewart. At that time, Heather worked as a North American correspondent for Australian Broadcasting Commission.

It is believed that the couple got married as soon as they returned from the United States.

Same as Heather, her husband Barrie Cassidy is also a journalist, radio and television presenter, and commentator for ABC. 

From 2001 until 2019, he served as the program’s longtime host for political discussion on Sunday mornings, Insiders. Then, in 2020 he took over as the host of the Long form interview program One Plus One.

Heather Ewart Husband
Heather Ewart’s Husband Barrie Cassidy is also a prominent Australian journalist. (Source: ABC)

Born in Wangaratta, Victoria, Cassidy grew up in Chiltern- a Victorian town. He grew up with his parents and also with four brothers and an elder sister.

In 1969, Barrie started his career as a cadet on the Albury Border Morning Mail and then he moved to Shepparton News.

In 1986, he became the personal press secretary of then-prime minister Bob Hawke which Cassidy describes as the most rewarding and interesting period of his life.

The veteran, Barrie Cassidy is recognized as one of the top journalists who is experienced in political analysis and correspondence. 

Heather Ewart Kids And Family

Heather was born in central Victoria, Australia, and spent most of her childhood playing on the farm near her house with sheep, cattle, and wheat. 

Her father Fergus Ewart was the shire president and he was against his daughter being a journalist.

Despite, the multiple requests from her father to go into the law profession, she won against him because of her interest and passion for Journalism.

Today, Heather is living happily with her husband Barrie, and her children.

The couple is blessed with a son Adam and a daughter Caitlin Cassidy

Heather Ewart Husband
Heather Ewart and her husband Barrie have two lovely children Adam and Caitlin. (Source: Twitter)

Caitlin has followed in the footsteps of her parents. She was a higher education reporter for Guardian Australia and a breaking news reporter till January 2023.

According to her Linkedin profile, Caitlin has a bachelor’s degree in Creative writing and acquired a master’s degree in global media communication.

Besides her work as a Guardian reporter, Caitlin has also served as a journalist in Shepparton News and Canberra Times.

Similarly, Adam Cassidy is the Senior Advisor of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the Australian Sports Commission. He also worked for the International Cricket Council for a brief time to promote the game in the Asia-pacific region.

In that process, he worked closely with cricket associations in Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, and Figi.

The family of Heather is busy with their own professional and personal life. However, they do spend time with each other. 

Heather and Barrie usually share the posts with her family on their Twitter account. The bond between parents and children sparks family closeness, respect, and love.

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