Hezekiah Bernard Parents: Meet Father Robert Bernard And Mother Dolores Davis

Who are Hezekiah Bernard parents? Learn about the family details of the young boy found dead on 23 August 2023 in Philadelphia.

Hezekiah Bernard was a twelve-year-old boy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who tragically died at a young age.

His death was ruled a homicide, and the cause of the death was allegedly shot in the head.

Hezekiah Bernard was a loving son to his family and a playful person to his friends. The young soul had so much to experience, but unfortunately, his time on the earth is seized by inhumane.

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Hezekiah Bernard Parents: Mother Dolores Davis Cried In Agony

Hezekiah Bernard was born as the loving son of his father, Robert Bernard, and his mother, Dolores Davis

The young boy’s death has engraved a profound wound in the hearts of Hezekiah Bernard parents.

Hezekiah Bernard’s mother works at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is an active member of the society. Dolores, a woman with the positive energy around her, now lives with the darkest truth of her life.

After the son’s death, Dolores Davis cried in grief, saying he was her only child and the last baby she loved the most.

According to the police report, Hezekiah Bernard was not reported missing; addressing it, his father, Robert Bernard, mentioned that they thought Hezekiah might have stayed in his friend’s house and would return home in no time.

Hezekiah Bernard’s father, Robert, is the local businessperson and the family’s caretaker. Now, he is enraged and has asked the culprit to come forward, as the whole family is hurting.

Hezekiah Bernard Parents
Hezekiah Bernard parents are in profound grief at their beloved son’s demise. (Source: Facebook)

Hezekiah Bernard parents explained him as a good kid who loved dancing, was an athlete, witty, and funny. Robert and Dolores never had any idea that their loving will left their side too soon in the most tragic way.

After the death of Hezekiah Bernard, his parents lit candles during the vigil Friday Night on 25 August 2023, calling for justice for their little boy.

It has been almost one month since Hezekiah Bernard’s death, and his parents are still searching for the culprit, more specifically, the murderer of their loving son.

All the Philadelphia community has gathered together to support Hezekiah Bernard parents for the justice and peace of the dead soul.

Hezekiah Bernard Family Ethnicity And Details

Hezekiah Bernard was the loving son of his parents and brother of his fourteen cousins. He grew up in a big family, getting tons of love from his parents, grandparents, uncles, and cousins.

Remembering him, one of Hezekiah’s cousins, Kelsiy Sierra Gilliam, said he was full of love and showed it freely. My brother loved to play and dance.

Along with the death of twelve-year-old Hezekiah Bernard, people who belong to the Black ethnicity rose in anger. Rapper Meek Mill is calling out Black people to unite in support of the community.

Hezekiah Bernard Parents
His whole family loved Hezekiah Bernard and will be missed- in figure, he is the boy in the right corner. (Source: Facebook)

This has raised the question of the cause of the death of the young boy of twelve, Hezekiah Bernard. His friends and family have come together to protest the authority for the investigation.

Police are still investigating to trace the nature of the homicide and the cause of the death.

Let’s Hope the culprit is punished by law and the departed soul lives in eternity.

Rest in Peace, Hezekiah Bernard. You Will be Remembered.

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