Project 21 Horace Cooper Wikipedia And Age: Wife And Children

In this article, read and find out about the life of one of the few conservative African-American, Horace Cooper wikipedia and his personal life.

Horace Cooper is a prominent conservative attorney, legal commentator, and author known for his impactful work advocating for conservative principles and policies.

As chairman of Project 21, he has played a significant role in promoting individual liberty, free markets, and limited government within the African-American community.

Moreover, Cooper has been a strong voice on various issues, including civil rights, criminal justice reform, education, and economic policy.

With his extensive legal expertise and public policy experience, he has provided valuable insights and perspectives through television and radio appearances.

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Project 21 Horace Cooper Wikipedia And Age

Being the chairman of Project 21 has garnered Horace a lot of attention. “Horace Cooper Wikipedia” is searched by many to learn more about his professional and personal life.

Horace Cooper, born on July 24, 1965, is a notable figure in the conservative movement, renowned for his legal expertise and advocacy for conservative principles.

Some sources claim that he was born to Quintus Leonidas Cooper, but reliable information about his parents has not been made available.

After completing his B.A. at the University of Texas at Austin, Cooper pursued his J.D. at George Mason University School of Law.

He later went on to teach constitutional law at George Mason University, where he shared his knowledge and insights with students.

While the details of his childhood and upbringing are not available publicly, his multifaceted and busy professional life is something to marvel at.

Horace Cooper wikipedia
Horace Cooper’s wikipedia includes his numerous professional achievements. (Source: NCPPR)

Cooper then served as the press secretary to Dick Armey, the former U.S. House Majority Leader, representing and promoting Armey’s positions and policies.

Currently, Horace Cooper holds the position of Senior Fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR), a prominent conservative think tank.

He also serves as the Chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board, an initiative under NCPPR that aims to amplify the voices of African-American conservatives.

Cooper’s extensive media presence highlights his commitment to spreading conservative ideas.

He averages over 400 talk radio appearances per year, where he represents the National Center and Project 21, as per the National Center.

Moreover, beyond NCPPR and Project 21, he is also listed as President and Secretary in public SEC filings for the Energy Equality Coalition (EEC), a group dedicated to ending taxpayer subsidies and promoting a level playing field for American energy consumers.

He is also a Senior Fellow of both The Institute for Liberty (IFL) and the Heartland Institute, the latter being known for its stance on climate change.

Surprisingly 2009, Cooper faced legal issues when he was indicted on five charges alleging that he received gifts from former Washington lobbyists while serving as the chief of staff for Voice of America (VOA), as said by Desmog.

So, we can say that this personality has had a very colorful professional life full of ups and downs.

Meet Horace Cooper Wife And Children

While Horace Cooper’s professional life has been all over the news and papers, his professional life remains very mysterious. Most people are looking forward to getting to know his wife and children.

Talking about Cooper’s wife has been an enigma. Moreover, we are not sure when and to whom Horace got married or if he ever got married.

Similarly, no information has been made available about her children as well. No one other than his family knows if he has children; if he does, the number and names remain a mystery.

As Horace Cooper’s wikipedia suggests him to be a conservative who supports anti-abortion laws, this particular agenda has intrigued people about his choices regarding his own children as well.

Regardless of his partner’s and children’s identities, they surely have supported him through his endeavors, if they exist, to achieve this feat.

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