Fact Check: Is Bailee Madsion, Maia Mitchell Sister? Age Gap

Having built a strong career since an early age, details surrounding Maia Mitchell sister have caused a huge stir on the internet. 

Maia McCall Mitchell, commonly known as Maia Mitchell, is an Australian actress and singer best known for her work in the Freeform drama, The Fosters in the role of Callie Adams Foster. 

Some of her other notable works include Good Trouble, Teen Beach, Teen Beach 2, Mortified, and the Seven’s Network teen drama Trapped. 

Having grown a passion for acting since a young age, Maia started her career by working in local theatre productions. 

Slowly, her determination and hard work were noticed and she was discovered by talent agencies when she got a big break at the age of 12. 

Since then, she has been working as a prominent actress in the field and has established herself as a new face of the industry.

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Find Out: Is Bailee Madsion, Maia Mitchell Sister?

With the rise in fame of Maia Mitchell, details related to her have often been a topic of discussion in online media. 

That being said, news of Bailee Madison being Maia Mitchell’s sister has been causing quite a stir these days. Are they really sisters?

Well, No. The popular American actress Bailee Madison is not Maia Mitchell’s sister. 

Maia Mitchell Sister
Though onscreen, Bailee is not Maia Mitchell sister by birth. (Source: Bustle)

Bailee Madsion is also a young actress based in the United States who is mostly known for her roles in movies and TV series, including Brothers, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, Cowgirls ‘n Angels, Wizards of Waverly Place, and so on.

Though both, Maia and Bailee, worked on the same television series The Fosters, they are not related biologically and only met professionally for the first time. 

Having some similar facial features might have led to such suspicions about Bailee being Maia Mitchell’s sister.

This might also be why the actresses looked so convincing as sisters onscreen and in real life.

However, it is fully false. 

Bailee Madsion And Maia Mitchell Age Gap

It is true that Bailee and Maia don’t have any relation by birth. But, after working in a long-running series, The Fosters, they have indeed built a pure sisterlike connection with each other. 

Though not admitted openly, they are, on numerous occasions, spotted enjoying some quality time together. In addition, they are often seen posting about each other on their social media handles. 

Talking about their age gap, Maia and Bailee have nearly six years of difference.

With Maia being the eldest among the two, the difference in their age has never been a factor in any misunderstanding between them. 

Maia Mitchell age gap
Maia and Bailee both are established actresses in showbiz. (Source: X)

Despite both of them having their own biological sibling, their love and support for each other is not any different than blood-related sisters.

Bailee Madison is the sister of American actress Kaitlin Vilauso. And, Maia has a younger brother named Charlie. 

Many believe that while growing up with a younger brother, Maia may have harbored an internal and unspoken desire for the kind of sisterly love that Bailee provides. 

Furthermore, this unexpressed desire might have played a role in deepening the bond between the two actresses bringing them close to each other offscreen as well as forming an irreplaceable sisterly support system.

Nonetheless, despite being in the same industry, Maia and Bailee have always shown support for each other work and have been each other’s biggest fans.

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