Is Sandie Rinaldo Retired? What Happened To Her?

Is Sandie Rinaldo retired? The seasoned journalist leaves us wondering about her position with a 50-year career at CTV News.

Sandie Rinaldo, born on January 16, 1950, is a distinguished Canadian television journalist and anchor widely recognized for her enduring career with CTV News.

A Toronto native, Rinaldo began her career as a dancer on CBC Television in the 1960s before earning an Honours Bachelor of Arts from York University in 1973.

Rinaldo’s broadcasting career began promptly, just a week after her graduation, as she joined CTV Television Network’s news division.

She started as a junior secretary and steadily climbed the ranks, eventually becoming the first woman in Canada to hold a full-time position as a national news anchor on Canada AM in 1980.

Throughout her career, Rinaldo took on various roles, from reporting for CTV National News to anchoring CTV National News on weekends.

Her dedication to journalism earned her several accolades, including the Bryden Alumni Award from York University in 2005 and multiple awards from the International Film and TV Festival in New York.

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Is Sandie Rinaldo Retired? Learn About Her CTV Career

The question of whether Sandie Rinaldo, the renowned Canadian television journalist, has retired has been on the minds of many of her fans, with many often asking, “Is Sandie Rinaldo retired?”

At 73 years old, some might suspect that she has chosen to step back from her illustrious career. However, the truth is quite the opposite – Sandie Rinaldo is not retired and remains actively dedicated to her profession.

In May 2023, she achieved an extraordinary milestone, commemorating 50 years with CTV News through a one-hour retrospective special that aired on May 12, 2023.

Rinaldo’s journey with CTV News began in 1973, fresh out of York University. With dedication and hard work, she rapidly ascended the ranks, eventually becoming a reporter-at-large for CANADA AM in 1977.

In this role, she traveled extensively across Canada and the world, covering significant news events like the Iran-Contra Affair and the Gulf War.

Is Sandie Rinaldo Retired
Is Sandie Rinaldo retired? No. She has been continuously working for CTV for 50 years. (Source: CTV)

In 2009, Sandie Rinaldo expanded her role, becoming an anchor for CTV News Channel while also hosting the popular investigative news program W5 and contributing reports to CTV’s national newscasts.

Her outstanding contributions led to awards like the 2019 Canadian Screen Award for Best Host in a News Program and the 2013 Canadian Journalism Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

Moreover, recent news confirmed that Sandie Rinaldo is actively engaged in her career, as she is set to anchor an early edition of “CTV National News” on weekdays at 5:30 p.m. ET/PT, beginning November 13, 2023.

Though retirement isn’t on the horizon for Sandie Rinaldo, she already has plans for the future. When that time eventually arrives, she envisions continuing to write and speak about the issues close to her heart.

Her eventual retirement will undoubtedly be a loss for Canadian journalism, given her immense contributions and enduring impact on the field.

Until then, fans can continue to enjoy her presence and insights into the world of news reporting.

Sandie Rinaldo Cancer Journey: What Happened To Her?

Veteran journalist Sandie Rinaldo, renowned for her remarkable 50-year career with CTV News, recently opened up about her inspiring battle with cancer.

While her journey through cancer presented significant challenges, it never stopped her from pursuing her career and embracing life.

For Rinaldo, the journey began with a personal tragedy when her spouse succumbed to cancer in 2005 after a six-month battle. This marked the start of her own encounter with the disease.

Just two years later, she received the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer, a condition that had already claimed the lives of her mother, sister, and husband.

The journalist leaned on her three daughters, music, and dance for comfort during her cancer battle, finding strength to face the anxieties that accompany such a diagnosis.

Is Sandie Rinaldo Retired
Sandie Rinaldo did not let her cancer hinder her career. (Source: CTV News)

Rinaldo underwent a surgical procedure to remove the tumor and followed up with radiation therapy and hormone tablets. In a recent interview with CTV, she candidly shared her experiences.

Remarkably, Sandie has been taking the hormone medication tamoxifen for an impressive 10 years since her lumpectomy, weeks of radiation, and breast cancer diagnosis 16 years ago.

After careful discussions with her physician and undergoing tests to assess the likelihood of cancer recurrence, she opted against receiving chemotherapy.

While there are no guarantees in the world of cancer, Rinaldo has been living cancer-free since her initial diagnosis and is considered to be in excellent health.

Sandie Rinaldo’s resolute spirit in the face of such a formidable adversary is a source of inspiration for all facing cancer, embodying the strength of the human spirit and the potency of hope.

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