Who Was Joyce Nixon, Jeff Nixon Wife? Wiki And Age

On Friday, September 1, 2023, people who knew Jeff Nixon’s wife, Joyce Nixon, felt sad. 

Her husband, Jeff Nixon, shared the unfortunate news on Facebook.

Joyce’s unexpected death saddened her family, friends, and community.

She was a kind and friendly person who made many people happy with her warm smile and caring nature.

Many people were sad because she was gone. People wrote nice things about her and said how much she meant to them.

Even though she’s not here anymore, Joyce Nixon will always be remembered and loved by those who knew her.

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Who Was Joyce Nixon, Jeff Nixon Wife? Wiki And Age

Jeff Nixon, a former American college and professional football coach, is married to the talented singer Joyce Wilson Nixon.

Jeffry Allen Nixon was born on October 13, 1956, in Rochester, Pennsylvania, making him 48 years old as of the provided information.

While Jeff Nixon had a successful career in football coaching, his wife, Joyce Wilson Nixon, is a notable figure in music and community engagement.

Jeff Nixon Wife Joyce Nixon
Jeff Nixon wife Joyce Nixon was adopted by her parents. (Source: Facebook)

Joyce Wilson Nixon, whose biography is not available on Wikipedia but can be found on Uncrowned Community Builders, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

James and Edna Wilson adopted the late singer.

Talking about Joyce’s biological mother, with whom she has had limited contact, Joan Green remains estranged from Joyce.

In contrast, her biological father, Ron Bassham, is involved with local unions and politics.

Joyce has a diverse range of accomplishments, including her role as a vocalist.

Likewise, Joyce’s involvement in community action groups like “Fifty Women With a Vision” and her dedication to various community agencies.

As a vocalist, Joyce Wilson Nixon has worked with notable artists such as Kenny Berry of Taylor Made Jazz and Lance Diamond.

She is known for performing at events like the Annual Tonawanda Canal Festival.

Joyce is also recognized for her community service as the Executive Director and CEO of National Inner Cities Youth Opportunities, Inc. (NICYO).

While the exact age of Joyce Wilson Nixon is not mentioned in the provided information, her contributions to the community and her career as a singer are noteworthy aspects of her life.

Joyce Wilson Nixon Early Life And Education

Joyce Wilson Nixon’s life story was truly extraordinary. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and her journey began with a loving adoption by James and Edna Wilson.

Edna, a former nurse, had created a nurturing environment for Joyce throughout her life.

Similarly, Joyce’s father had devoted an impressive 38.5 years to a career at US Steel.

Jeff Nixon Wife Joyce Nixon
Joyce Nixon grew up alongside her brother. (Source: Facebook)

Joyce’s family also included her brother, Klettis Sloan, who had served as a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia.

However, as mentioned above, her biological parents, Joan Green and Ron Bassham, had remained estranged.

Regarding Joyce’s education, Joyce attended Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she pursued her academic dreams.

However, Jeff Nixon’s wife’s talents had extended far beyond academics.

Joyce had been an active member of the Zion Baptist Church in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, for an impressive 47 years.

Jeff Nixon wife had not only been a woman of faith but also a woman of artistic talent.

As a gifted vocalist, she collaborated with renowned artists like Kenny Berry of Taylor Made Jazz and Lance Diamond.

Joyce’s captivating voice had resonated with audiences, and she had frequently performed with the group Taylor Made Jazz, gracing the Annual Tonawanda Canal Festival with her music.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Joyce had ventured into modeling and spokesperson roles.

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More About Jeff Nixon Wife Joyce Nixon Career And Achievements

Jeff Nixon wife, Joyce Nixon, possessed not only a strong faith but also remarkable artistic talents.

As mentioned above, her gift as a vocalist led her to collaborate with renowned artists such as Kenny Berry from Taylor Made Jazz and Lance Diamond.

Joyce’s voice resonated deeply with audiences, and she frequently took the stage with Taylor Made Jazz, gracing the Annual Tonawanda Canal Festival with her music.

However, Joyce’s talents extended beyond the realm of music. She had ventured into modeling and spokesperson roles and her work with Ralph Lauren, Inc.

Furthermore, she showcased her captivating presence by serving as a Mistress of Ceremonies for the May Company Trend Shows, where she excelled in engaging diverse audiences.

Joyce’s commitment to the community was equally impressive.

Jeff Nixon wife dedicated her time and efforts to numerous community agencies, including the Rotary Club of Buffalo/International, the Board of Directors of Women for Effective Change, and the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Jeff Nixon Wife Joyce Nixon
Jeff Nixon was into social service. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, Joyce held the role of Executive Officer for the Commission on the Status of Women, among others.

Jeff Nixon’s remarkable dedication to community service had not gone unnoticed.

She received several awards for her volunteerism, including the Black Achiever in Industry 2000 award and Mrs. New York People’s Choice.

Similarly, Jeff Nixon’s wife got recognition as the WBLK Radio Professional of the Month, among other accolades.

Joyce’s life was a testament to her unwavering commitment to her artistic passions and community, making her a remarkable individual.

Jeff Nixon Second Wife, Joyce Nixon, Was a Mother To Five Kids

Joyce Nixon led a rich and fulfilling family life, gracefully managing a variety of roles while treasuring cherished moments with her loved ones.

She was a devoted wife to her husband, wholeheartedly embracing the joys and responsibilities of marriage.

Her family extended to include her three adult children: Charles, who was 31 years old, Damien at 29, and Libran Dior, who was 26.

In addition to her biological children, Joyce took on the role of a stepmother to Jeff Nixon, Jr., 17, and Jena, 19.

Jeff Nixon wife’s family life was further enriched by the presence of her four adorable grandchildren, who undoubtedly brought immense joy and laughter into her home.

Her role as a proud grandmother was characterized by boundless love, unwavering support, and the creation of enduring memories with these little bundles of happiness.

Jeff Nixon Wife Joyce Nixon
Jeff Nixon and his wife Joyce Nixon welcomed three kids together. (Source: Facebook)

As the second wife to her husband, Joyce’s journey was a story of resilience, adaptability, and her ability to build a strong and loving family unit.

Her unwavering commitment to her family, whether biological, step, or forged through the bonds of marriage, defined her as a woman who highly valued and cherished the connections she had cultivated over the years.

Within the bustling tapestry of family life, Joyce expertly wove together the threads of love, togetherness, and enduring bonds that made her world complete.

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