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Jennifer Fairgate was a mysterious, unidentified woman who was found dead at the Oslo Plaza Hotel-Radisson SAS, Norway.

The unresponsive body of Jennifer was found on 3 June 1995 inside room 2805 with the Browning 9mm pistol in her hand.

The story of Jennifer Fairgate was covered in the second volume of season 1 of Netflix’s documentary Unsolved Mysteries.

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Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia: Who Was She?

Jennifer Fairgate wikipedia information consists of her life events, mysterious death, and her acquaintance’s information.

Jennifer Fairgate was a woman in her late twenties when she checked in in the hotel room of Raddison SAS under the name Jennifer Fairgate.

The name she used is later known to be a false name as it is found that she made a mistake in spelling her name twice on some hotel framework.

With her polite gestures and fluency in German and English, Jennifer entered the hotel.

Hotel staff described her as a smiley lady with jet-black hair cut in a pixie style. She had beauty spots on her left cheek and chin and had an eye-catching height.

Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia
Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia: The identity of Jennifer is still not known. (Source: Thesun)

After three days of stay in the hotel, the staff heard a gunshot from her room on the day of 3 June 1995. When the police and forensics entered the room, they found the body of Jennifer in blood and a deep gunshot wound.

After the death mystery of Jennifer Fairgate was released in the document, mystery viewers speculated that she might be a spy.

Similarly, many theories suggest that Fairgate was a covert operative and was involved in some intelligence agencies.

However, due to the lack of identity and any clues, the actual name and identity of Jennifer Fairgate is still a mystery.

Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia: Family And Personal Life

In the history of Unsolved documents, the story of Jennifer Fairgate is considered one of the most tangled cases.

There was not any single clue to make a systematic investigation into the life of Jennifer.

On the hotel check-in paperwork, the woman had given her address as Verlaine, Belgium, which came out to be false. But, as per the hotel staff, she had a West German accent.

A man named Lois Fairgate also checked in with her, but he was not seen after that. Similarly, according to the hotel room key, it was discovered that Jennifer was also absent from the hotel room for two days after check-in.

Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia
Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia: All of the information Jennifer recorded in the hotel was false. (Source: Reddit)

Jennifer and Lois booked two separate rooms, but later, it came to know that Lois never used his room as the key was found in the room, and Jennifer died.

The relationship between Jenifer and Lois was not known at that moment and still is a mystery; at the scene, he was not there, and police and investigation never found him as his name was also forged.

Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia: Her Death Crime Scenes Photos Were Disturbing

As mentioned in the episode of Unsolved Mysteries, the death of Jennifer was ruled a suicide with a gunshot, but due to the lack of gunshot residue and blood found on her hand, questions were raised.

When security arrived on the scene, the door was double unlocked as if someone had locked it outside and inside.

Similarly, the placement of the gun in her hand is so dramatic that it seems like someone killed her and made it like a suicide.

The hotel room itself was not normal; toiletries, toothpaste, and other personal items were not there. Similarly, her packed clothes were branded, but they did not have tags on them, and all of them were upper-body clothes.

Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia
Jennifer Fairgate Wikipedia: Police explained how the death scene of Jennifer was so questionable. (Source: Womenshealthmag)

Observing the scenario and situation of her death, police confirmed that she was deliberately hiding her identity. Removing tags from clothing, removing serial numbers from weapons, and false identity are the common practices of agents.

To know more about her identity, in November 2016, Jennifer’s body was exhumed to try to collect a DNA profile, and in June 2017, a DNA profile was successfully extracted from her body.

However, until now, no one has come out stating they knew Jennifer and her story is still a mystery.

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