Joel Amartey Australian Nationality And Religion: Family Ethnicity

Having played well in Australian Football league, people are wondering about Joel Amartey Australian Nationality. In this article read more to find out about his religion and family as well.

Joel Amartey, born on September 2, 1999, is known for his dynamic performance in Australian rules football.

He currently plays for the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League (AFL), where he was recruited in the 2018 AFL rookie draft as the 28th pick.

While fans anticipated seeing him first in July 2020, he suffered a groin injury during a scratch match, causing him to miss out on his debut.

However, he eventually made his debut for the team in the 17th round of the same season against the Brisbane Lions.

As a player, Amartey primarily operates as a ruckman, utilizing his height and athleticism to support his team in the midfield. Within the Sydney Swans’ lineup, he has been considered one of the most promising players.

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Joel amartey Australian Nationality and Ethnicity

Amartey has made a name for himself by showcasing his skills and talents. Being a part of the Swans, he is also set to be a big name on a national level.

Among the young generation of Australian footballers, Amartey’s nationality has been questioned and searched for most of the time.

Joel Amartey Australian Nationality
While Joel Amartey Australian Nationality is authentic, his Ghanaian roots cannot be disregarded as well. (Source: Zerohanger)

But no question asked, Joey is an Australian citizen. His nationality might have been a topic of discussion because of the prominence of his African features.

While Joey was born and brought up in Australia, he must have gotten his citizenship either through his mother or through his father, who has permanent residence in Australia.

Moreover, he is of mixed ethnicity because his mother being a Caucassian Australian and his father being an African man from Ghana. While, his mother’s cultural background is not known extensively,

As he has grown up in a mixed household, we can surely guess that he has had a significant impact on both Ghanaian and Australian cultures and sub-cultures.

His upbringing must have been a harmonious balance of both ethnicities.

Joel Amartey Religion: Is He Christian Or Jewish?

Along with Joel’s nationality and ethnicity, his religion is another topic of interest for many. People are wondering about Joel Amartey’s religion, probably because of his varied and mixed heritage as well.

Regarding his religion, Joel is a Christian, along with his family, as suggested by his pictures on social media. He has been posting Christmas celebrations of his family on Instagram most of the time.

However, he has not officially confirmed being a strict Christian. Coming from a mixed background, he could also be accepting of more than one religion and celebration.

So, while Jewish religious beliefs do not seem to be actively practiced by him, we cannot completely rule out his adherence to multiple beliefs.

Joel Amartey Parents: Meet Father Clement And Mother Georgina Amartey

Joel is the wonderful son of loving parents Georgina and Clement Amartey. He was born to the couple along with his two sisters.

Clement Amartey was originally from Ghana, and he moved to Australia during his twenties for better opportunities. While the details of his background and birth date have not been available, he has been a wonderful parent to Joel.

Joel Amartey Australian nationality
Joel Amartey’s father came to Australia from Ghana in his early twenties. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Clement had shared the experience of racial abuse he faced in Australia as a black person, which was even experienced by his children during their younger years.

However, his mother’s background and birth date also remains a total mystery. Other than the fact that she is Caucasian, no further information is available about her.

Moreover, the information on the couple’s love story has also been kept private.

The wonderful couple had three children in total: two daughters and a son. Joel has two sisters, Amorkor Amartey and Amerley Amartey.

While Clement and Georgina’s eldest child was born in 1993, further information about their daughters is not available to the public.

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