John Lauro Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Lawyer?

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John Lauro, a seasoned trial attorney, boasts extensive expertise in intricate criminal and commercial litigation.

His diverse caseload encompasses matters concerning accounting, securities, conspiracy, healthcare, and other white-collar and commercial legal challenges.

Throughout his illustrious career, John has successfully handled numerous high-profile cases, drawing significant public attention and achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.

John successfully obtained a Rule 29 acquittal for the former president of a prominent national healthcare company in a significant federal criminal case.

The allegations against the individual involved violations of federal securities and conspiracy laws.

His exceptional legal skills have earned him recognition through prestigious awards such as the Super Lawyer of the Year Award and the Florida Legal Elite Award.

As a result of these achievements, some admirers have bestowed upon him the nickname ‘Lawyer of the Damned.’

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John Lauro Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Lawyer?

Looking into John Lauro’s Wikipedia And Age: He is currently 62 years old.

Regarding his background, John Lauro was raised on Long Island’s Jones Beach outside New York City by his working parents.

His father worked as a department store manager, while his mother was employed in a school district.

The lawyer John Lauro pursued his education and attended Georgetown University, where he graduated with honors.

During his time as a college student, he was chosen to work as an advisory neighborhood commissioner in the District of Columbia.

Subsequently, he went on to graduate magna cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center, and he also served on the editorial board of the Georgetown Law Journal.

John Lauro Wikipedia
John Lauro was the founder of Lauro Law Firm. (Source: Clarion)

After completing his education, he returned to New York City and began his legal career at Morgan, Lewis, and Bockius.

Later on, he moved to Florida, where he established his own legal practice and eventually became a partner in a sizable law firm.

In 1994, John established The Lauro Law Firm, which has since been rebranded as Lauro & Singer. The firm has offices in both Florida and New York.

John was previously married to Darlene Duryea. The couple got married and moved to Tampa, Florida, in 1988.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce later on. They initially met through a mutual friend and fell in love.

John Lauro Career and Net Worth Explored

In his career, John Lauro has been regarded as an accomplished and highly respected attorney with a notable track record of successful representations in various high-profile cases.

In the first “dot-com securities fraud” case brought in federal court in Manhattan, Lauro successfully represented an individual, securing a jury acquittal on all counts.

Additionally, Lauro represented a well-known sports figure who was charged with violating the federal wire fraud statute in connection with gambling activities.

Another significant achievement in his career was obtaining a dismissal of all civil claims against a Middle Eastern banking institution in connection with the 9/11 litigation pending in New York.

John Lauro Wikipedia
John Lauro earns a big fortune as an established lawyer. (Source: Tampa)

Furthermore, John achieved a victorious outcome when he secured a multi-million dollar verdict against a New York investment advisor.

The advisor had deceived an international jewelry manufacturer in relation to an investment account.

Additionally, Mr. Lauro’s contributions as a legal expert to various news media outlets like Fox News Network, ABC News, and MSNBC further establish his reputation as a respected authority on legal matters in the public sphere.

As reported by Net Worth Post, Mr. John Lauro enjoys a net worth of $4 million. It is not uncommon for successful attorneys with high-profile cases and a strong reputation to have a substantial net worth.

Overall, Mr. Lauro’s career achievements, professional recognition, and significant net worth are testaments to his legal expertise, dedication to his clients, and contributions to the legal community.

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