Jonah Heim Brother: Is He Related To Corey Heim? Family Ethnicity

Who is Jonah Heim brother? Discover the untold story of the athlete’s family and the strong ethnic ties that have influenced his journey in professional baseball.

Jonah Nathan Heim, born June 27, 1995, in Buffalo, New York, is an accomplished American baseball catcher inspired by legends like Posada and Martin.

Growing up in Buffalo, he was selected by the Baltimore Orioles in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB Draft, Heim embarked on a journey through the minor leagues, honing his skills.

His dedication paid off with his 2020 MLB debut for the Oakland Athletics. The following year, Heim was traded to the Texas Rangers, where he quickly became the team’s starting catcher.

Heim’s impact on the Rangers was evident in his standout performance, including hitting memorable home runs and earning the distinction of starting catcher for the American League in the 2023 MLB All-Star Game.

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Jonah Heim Brother: Is He Related To Corey Heim?

Jonah Heim, the talented baseball player, has garnered significant attention for his skills on the field, but his personal life, especially his family, has remained relatively private.

Amidst this curiosity, many sports enthusiasts have wondered about his connection with Corey Heim, sparking the question, “Is Corey Heim Jonah Heim Brother?”

Jonah Heim, born on June 27, 1995, hails from Buffalo, New York, where he was born by his mother and his father, James Heim. 

While the identity of his biological mother remains undisclosed, his stepmother, Jennifer Heim, has played a pivotal role in his life, assuming the role of his guardian.

Jonah Heim Brother
Is Corey Heim Jonah Heim brother? No, they’re not related. (Source: Motorsport)

On the other hand, Corey David Heim, born on July 5, 2002, has made a name for himself in the world of stock car racing. His journey began in Legends cars, where he achieved notable success.

Corey Heim is the son of Lisa and Ray Heim. Ray Heim, his father, has a background in late model racing and serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Pen-Tech Associates, Inc. in Kennesaw, Georgia.

While their surnames may bear a resemblance, Jonah and Corey Heim do not share a familial connection. They have distinct family backgrounds, were born in different states, and belong to different time-frame.

Although both of the athletes have made significant strides in their respective fields, they are not related, and Corey Heim is not Jonah Heim brother. In fact, he does not have a brother.

Jonah Heim Family And Ethnicity

Jonah Heim’s family and ethnicity play a significant role in his life, both on and off the baseball field. Born in America to American parents, Heim’s ethnicity and nationality are undeniably American.

His father, James Heim, and stepmother, Jennifer Heim, have played pivotal roles in shaping Jonah’s journey in the world of baseball.

Jonah Heim parents were not just supportive but deeply encouraging of their son’s passion for the game from the early stages of his life. Their support served as a driving force behind Jonah’s determination.

James and Jonah share a common love for baseball, and it is evident that their shared enthusiasm for the sport had a profound impact on Jonah’s career.

Jonah Heim Brother
Jonah Heim is all smiles around his family. (Source: Instagram)

In an interview with Jonah’s father, James, he shared the emotional moment when he learned of his son’s ascent to the Major Leagues. 

Moreover, Jonah Heim has built a small and loving family of his own. His wife, Mackenzie Heim, adds a new dimension to his life.

Before her marriage to Jonah in 2020, Mackenzie worked as a model and held the title of “Cheer Captain” at Encore Beach Club, showcasing her vibrant and engaging personality.

Mackenzie gained prominence in 2019 when she was featured on the cover of Las Vegas Weekly magazine alongside Skye Bolt, a Milwaukee Brewers player.

The couple celebrated the arrival of their son, Nash, in January 2021, and their family grew even further with the birth of their daughter, Luxx, in 2022.

Jonah’s life outside the field beautifully complements his on-field success. He openly shares moments with his family, portraying himself as a loving husband and a devoted father.

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