Who Is Jordan Bitove Wife Nicole Bitove? Marriage And Children

With recent tensions arising between Canadian media houses, Jordan Bitove wife has been searched by many. Learn about the loving spouse of the Toronto Star owner.

Jordan Bitove is a Canadian businessman and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to various industries, including media, sports, and hospitality.

Born in Toronto, Canada, Bitove comes from a prominent Canadian family known for their successful business ventures. His father established the Bitoves in the world of business.

Bitove gained recognition in the media industry through his involvement with Torstar Corporation, a leading Canadian media organization. Torstar is the owner and publisher of the Toronto Star, one of Canada’s most influential newspapers.

In 2020, Bitove and his business partner, Paul Rivett, led an investment group called NordStar Capital to acquire Torstar Corporation. Read more about this business mogul below.

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Who Is Jordan Bitove Wife Nicole Bitove? Married Life

Jordan Bitove’s wife, Nicole Bitove, is an entrepreneur and businesswoman herself. Like her husband, she has also made quite a name for herself in the world of business.

Nicole, a fashion industry professional, was born and raised in Oakville, Canada. Details about her parents, upbringing, and education are not readily available.

Moreover, Nichole has made significant contributions to the fashion industry and is the owner of the clothing brand Canopy Blue.

Prior to establishing Canopy Blue, Nichole Bitove had a successful modeling career. She worked as a model for renowned fashion designer Tom Ford. However, she left modeling after creating her own brand.

It can be speculated that her experience in the fashion industry, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, led her to create her own clothing brand.

Jordan Bitove wife
Not much has been revealed about Jordan Bitove’s wife Randi. (Source: Toronto Sun)

Beyond her professional endeavors, not much information is available about Nichole Bitove’s personal life.

However, it is known that she and Jordan have been married since December 21, 2003, as confirmed by her Facebook profile. Sadly, additional information about the couple’s love story has been missing. They have kept the details of their married life private.

Anyone searching “Jordan Bitove wife” on the internet and expecting to see her as just a socialite is in for a surprise, as she is a hardworking businesswoman and a mother who has created a name for herself. Nicole surely walks side by side with her husband.

Regardless, we can guess that they have supported each other well in their entrepreneurial endeavors and created a loving home together.

Meet Jordan Bitove Children: Cameron, Cloe, Ivy and Brodey

Jordan Bitove and Nichole Bitove are loving and supportive partners and proud parents who shower their children with love.

They have been blessed with four children: three beautiful daughters, Cameron, Cloe, and Ivy, and a wonderful son, Brodey.

Jordan Bitove wife
Jordan Bitove and his wife are proud parents of four beautiful children. (Source: Facebook)

Their son, Brodey, is a baseball player based in Toronto. A recent high school graduate, he has been associated with the Toronto Blue Jays to hone his skills for professional baseball. However, information about his birthdate is not available.

Jordan and Nicole’s eldest daughter, Cameron, is an actor and a singer. While she has been posting covers of songs online and performing at some events, she has yet to publish her own music. Her Instagram indicates she is an avid traveler.

While not much is known about Chloe, she is often seen hanging out with her sisters. She has preferred to keep herself private and out of the limelight.

Their youngest daughter is ten years old as of 2023 and loves to dance and play softball. According to Ivy’s Instagram bio, she also loves the ocean, likes traveling, and loves animals.

The siblings are often seen traveling and spending time together. Though they have moved on to pursue their own goals and dreams, the sense of family has never left them.

Looking at all the wonderful children that are doing so well in life and growing up as compassionate human beings, we can say that Jordan and Nicole have done a wonderful job at parenting.

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