Jordan Tunnicliffe Brother James Tunnicliffe: Age Gap And Family

Jordan Tunnicliffe brother: The age gap between Jordan Tunnicliffe and his brother James Tunnicliffe has always played a unique role in their family dynamic.

Jordan Tunnicliffe, an English professional footballer specializing as a defender, currently plies his trade with EFL League Two outfit Wrexham.

His journey began when he became part of West Bromwich Albion’s academy back in 2004, later securing a scholar position in June 2010.

In 2012, Tunnicliffe bid farewell to West Bromwich Albion and embarked on a trial period with West Ham United subsequently becoming a part of the Nike Academy.

Despite an unsuccessful trial with Norwich City in April 2013, he found a home at Barnsley later that summer.

While with Barnsley, he spent time on loan with Stalybridge Celtic in January 2014.

Unfortunately, his time at Barnsley came to an end when he was released at the conclusion of the 2013-14 season.

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Jordan Tunnicliffe Brother James Tunnicliffe: Exploring their Age Gap

Jordan Tunnicliffe and his brother, James Mark Tunnicliffe, share a deep-rooted connection in their love for football despite a four-year age gap.

Born in 1993 and 1989 respectively, they both followed the path of becoming professional English footballers.

Their early education saw James attend Denton West End Primary School until 2000, when he moved on to Audenshaw School in Audenshaw.

Throughout their formative years, James and his younger brother Jordan later played for notable clubs like West Bromwich Albion F.C., Barnsley F.C., and Stalybridge Celtic F.C.

Jordan Tunnicliffe Brother
In frame: Jordan Tunnicliffe’s brother James Mark Tunnicliffe. (Source: BBC)

James Tunnicliffe’s football journey began at a local amateur team, Reddish Villa until he was scouted by Stockport County at the age of 11.

He then made strides through Stockport County’s Center of Excellence youth system, honing his skills and dedication to the game.

In contrast, Jordan Tunnicliffe embarked on his own professional football career, signing with League Two side Crawley Town in July 2019 on a two-year contract.

Later, on 1 July 2022, Jordan made another significant move, joining National League side Wrexham.

Despite the age disparity, the Tunnicliffe brothers share an unbreakable bond forged through their mutual love and commitment to the beautiful game of football.

Jordan Tunnicliffe Family Details

Jordan Tunnicliffe, a footballer known for his skills on the field, is remarkably private when it comes to his family life.

While he occasionally shares glimpses of his family on social media, he chooses not to reveal their names or other personal details.

His big sister, for instance, can be seen in photos posted on his social media handle, but her name remains undisclosed.

Similarly, Jordan’s footballer brother, James Tunnicliffe, is a known figure, but beyond that, he keeps his family’s information out of the limelight.

It appears that Jordan respects his parents’ preference for privacy, as he has made a conscious effort to shield their identities from public scrutiny.

Jordan Tunnicliffe Brother
Jordan Tunnicliffe proposing to his lover. (Source: Instagram)

This decision might stem from his parents’ desire to keep their images out of the spotlight.

In contrast to his guarded approach to family matters, Jordan is quite open about his love life.

He frequently shares moments with his long-term partner, who goes by the Instagram moniker “Cap Rocat.”

In May 2023, Jordan took to social media to post a heartwarming picture of him proposing to his beloved, with the caption “She said yes.”

This public declaration of their commitment suggests that the couple is planning to tie the knot in the near future.

We can only wish them the very best for their forthcoming journey together.

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