Kade Ruotolo Parents: Italian Mother And Puerto Rican Father, Siblings

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete and American Submission grappler have established himself as a World Championship titleholder, defeating Tommy Langaker inside the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on June 9. The Championship viewers are curious to know about Kade Ruotolo parents following his win.

Kade Ruotolo is a professional jiu-jitsu athlete and an American submission grappler representing the Atos Academy in the international circuit. 

Born on January 22, 2003, the player is already an IBJJF World champion, Pan Am, and European Open champion at the colored belt level. 

At 19, he became the youngest player to win the ADCC Submission Fighting World champion in the 77kg division in 2022.

Currently signed to One Championship as a lightweight submission grappling champion, Ruotolo has made an impressive record of 23 wins throughout his career, including 13 wins by submission.

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Kade Ruotolo Parents: Italian Mother And Puerto Rican Father 

Kade Ruotolo was born in Maui, Hawaii, USA, to an Italian mother and a Puerto Rican father. The player has been raised in their parents’ diverse culture and heritage.

Born out of parents from different ancestry, Ruotolo has a mixed Italian and Puerto Rican ethnicity.

Although born in Hawaii, his family moved to Huntington Beach, California, when he was an infant and settled there. 

Kade shares a close bond with his parents. He regards both his mother and father highly and takes inspiration from them to do better in his fights.

The submission grappler has very supportive parents, who loved the game and were supporters of jiu-jitsu. Ruotolo’s father was a trained grappler who passed his skills on to his children.

Kade Ruotolo Parents
Kade and Tye Ruotolo learned the skill of grappling at a young age from their father, who is also a trained grappler. (Source: Instagram)

His parents signed him and his brother to Cleber Luciano‘s school during the mid-2000s, where the brothers had their first competition at the young age of 3.

Ruotolo’s father even had a coach named Luciano appointed for him and his brother, who quickly made them child stars, earning them the sponsorship of top lifestyle brands in the nation (RVCA) at age 10. 

Besides jiu-jitsu and grappling, the player is also a good skateboard surfer, a skill he learned from his father. In an interview, Kade talked about how their father’s lifestyle greatly influences his and his brother’s upbringing. 

They were introduced to activities like surfing, jiu-jitsu, and skateboarding from a very young age, even before they can remember by their father. 

Ruotolo’s father, who is passionate about jiu-jitsu, surfing, and skateboarding, played a significant role in instilling these interests. Kade considers himself and his brother as a mirror image of his dad.

Kade Ruotolo Siblings: Twin Brother Tye And Sister Nya

Kade Ruotolo has two siblings: his twin brother Tye and a younger sister Nya. The jiu-jitsu athlete shares a deep and close bond with both of his siblings.

Ruotolo has lived his whole childhood alongside his twin brother, who is also a grappling star. Both brothers began competing in jiu-jitsu at a young age and pursued their careers together.

They have earned a reputation as the hottest prospects in grappling together and are popularly known as Ruotolo Twins.

Kade Ruotolo Parents
Kade Ruotolo has two siblings: his twin brother Tye and a younger sister Nya. (Source: Instagram)

Kade and his twin brother, Tye, trained at the Art Of Jiu-Jitsu Academy (AOJ) for four years before switching to Atos Jiu-Jitsu in 2017.

Both the brothers were promoted to black belt on December 2021 by their trainer André Galvão. They look forward to improving each other’s games as competitors and supporters.

The twin brothers even announced they would make their professional mixed martial arts debuts together before the end of 2023.

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