Who Is Kate Sosin Partner Alicia Oeser? Wikipedia Bio And Age

The curiosity surrounding Kate Sosin partner has piqued the interest of many. Join us as we reveal the beau of this remarkable individual and explore their fascinating journey together.

Kate Sosin is a transgender reporter for The 19th, dedicated to covering LGBTQ+ issues such as transgender rights, incarceration, politics, and public policy.

With a strong focus on investigative journalism, Kate has exposed cases of transgender prison abuse and homicides through their work at NBC News.

Prior to their current role, they gained experience at Logo TV, INTO, and Windy City Times. Beyond their professionalism, Kate is known for their adventurous spirit and friendly manners.

While many are curious about their personal life, we have brought our viewers’ insider information on Kate Sosin’s partner.

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Who Is Kate Sosin Partner Alicia Oeser? Wikipedia Bio And Age

While Kate has chosen to keep their love life hidden, some details about their romantic relationship and marriage have resurfaced.

According to Windy City Times, Kate Sosin married Alicia Oeser, surrounded by family and friends, on July 12, 2014, in Rindge, New Hampshire.

It was a small, joyous ceremony followed by a grand Chicago reception. 

Kate Sosin’s partner, Alicia, who prefers to be addressed by name rather than pronouns, comes from Southern California.

Oeser has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire and a Master’s degree in Sociology from DePaul University.

While the exact date of birth of Alicia is unknown, Alicia looks not more than 40 years old. The fact that Alicia started her career in 2006 brings to speculation that Alicia is in the range of 35-40.

Kate Sosin partner
Kate Sosin and their partner, Alicia, pictured during a vacation in 2015. (Source: Instagram)

Having started a career in 2006, Alicia’s professional work has focused on assisting survivors of sexual, relationship, and gender-based abuse.

Alicia has had various jobs in the field throughout their career, including non-profit organizations, local government, and higher education institutions.

Oeser is the Director of the University of California, Los Angeles’ Campus Assault Resources and Education Program and Harvard University’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.

The activist was also appointed as the new Director of the Sexual Violence Prevention & Response Office at the University of British Columbia Vancouver Campus.

Alicia actively engages with issues of queerness, decolonization, and anti-racism and also currently serves on the Vancouver City Council’s 2SLGBTQIA Advisory Committee.

In personal life, Kate Sosin’s other-half enjoys indulging in vegan tacos, immersing in telenovelas, and devouring fiction written by diverse authors across the gender spectrum.

Kate Sosin And Alicia Oeser Relationship Timeline

Kate Sosin and Alicia Oeser made headlines when they tied the knot in Rindge, New Hampshire, on July 12, 2014.

Their union defied conventional beliefs about marriage, as Kate identifies as a transgender person while Alicia prefers not to be referred to by gender nouns.

While the details of their relationship before marriage remain undisclosed, it is believed that the couple crossed paths through their involvement in LGBTQ+ campaigns.

Working in the same field, Kate and Alicia understand the challenges and hardships faced by the communities they support, which may have contributed to the strength of their bond.

Kate Sosin partner
Kate Sosin’s partner, Alicia Oeser, loves sharing smiles with the journalist. (Source: Instagram)

In the early years of their marriage, the couple frequently appeared together in photographs and social media posts, often tagged in joyful moments.

They were seen enjoying vacations, going on tours, and visiting family during festive occasions, creating the impression of a harmonious relationship.

However, in recent times, the couple has not been seen together, and updates about their relationship have been scarce.

Speculation about a possible divorce has emerged, fueled by sightings of Kate with a new face, Jane Wilkins, in an Instagram post shared in June 2023.

The caption accompanying the post included home, love, and family emojis, suggesting a significant change in Kate’s life.

Despite these developments, Kate and Alicia have yet to provide an official confirmation regarding their relationship status.

This lack of clarity leaves us wondering about the current state of their union and hoping for an update from either party to shed light on their journey.

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