No, Kayvan Novak Is Not Gay, Instead Married To Girlfriend Talitha Stone

Is Kayvan Novak Gay? This is something that has caused a huge wave on the internet. But, to put into account: No, Kayvan Novak is not gay. He is a dedicated family man and has been married to his girlfriend Talitha Stone. 

Kayvan Novak is a British actor and comedian, mostly known for his roles in the comedy series Fonejacker and the mockumentary series What We Do in the Shadows

In addition, He has been grabbing the attention of audiences through his talent and humour. 

Apart from his career in comedy, he has also appeared in various British shows such as Family Affairs, Holby City, and Spooks. 

Nonetheless, his hard work and determination have captured the hearts of many and have helped him establish himself as a respected comedian in the industry.

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No, Kayvan Novak Is Not Gay

Along with being in the news due to his personality and work, Kayvan also has been the talk of the town due to his sexual inclination. 

Many have been questioning ‘Is Kayvan Novak Gay?’. But, to put those rumours to rest once and for all: No, Kayvan Novak is not gay.

Despite the speculations and baseless rumours, there is no truth to the claims that Novak is gay. Yes, there has indeed been much news about him being gay, but many speculate it is solely because of his comedic jobs. 

Kayvan Novak Gay
No, Kayvan Novak is not gay. He is a straight man and is in a committed relationship. (Source: Instagram)

Not to mention while these rumours were heating up, it was later revealed that he was in a relationship with his girlfriend.

Still, he is in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, and their successful partnership is proof enough that he is not gay.

The rumours and assumptions about his sexuality are baseless and should not overshadow his impressive body of work.

Kayvan Novak Married To Girlfriend Talitha Stone

Kayvan Novak has been married to his girlfriend, Talitha Stone. Although the exact details of their wedding remain undisclosed, fans believe that the couple had been dating for a considerable period before taking the plunge into matrimony.

Talitha Stone, like Novak, is also involved in the entertainment industry, pursuing a career as an English actress. She made her debut in 2013 with a minor role in the renowned television series “Game of Thrones,” which has served as a platform for many talented artists.

Stone’s acting journey has since led her to appear in popular television shows like “Emmerdale Farm,” “Secret Life of Boys,” and “The Durrels.”

While the specifics of their first encounter are unknown, it is safe to assume that they crossed paths through their shared profession, perhaps at work-related events or industry parties.

Kayvan Novak Girlfriend
Kayvan Novak is married to his girlfriend Talitha Stone. (Source: Getty Image)

Despite the persistent rumours surrounding Novak’s sexuality, Talitha Stone has steadfastly stood by his side, displaying unwavering support and love.

The celebrity couple has been happily married for a considerable period. However, the exact duration of their marriage still remains a mystery. 

Even though both of them are open about their relationship, they have not shared any private details regarding it. After all, they don’t want to talk about the town.

Nevertheless, Their relationship is not solely based on marriage; they are also each other’s best friends.

Moreover, Novak and Stone frequently share glimpses of their wonderful life on social media, offering their fans a peek into their loving and harmonious partnership.

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