Meet Kelly Reed: Neil Reed Wife With Whom He Had Two Kids

Introducing Kelly Reed, late Neil Reed wife, and a loving mother to their two children. Neil Reed wife unwavering strength and compassion inspire all who know her.

Born on November 29, 1975, Neil Reed gained recognition as a notable college basketball player at Indiana University and the University of Southern Mississippi, where he played as a guard.

Although not selected in the 1999 NBA draft, his legacy remains largely defined by a controversial event in 1997.

Likewise, during his time at Indiana University, Reed was infamously choked by the renowned and controversial coach, Bob Knight, sparking intense media scrutiny and discussion about collegiate sports.

Despite this incident, Reed’s dedication to the sport and his contributions to collegiate basketball remain a significant part of his enduring legacy.

Tragically, he passed away on July 26, 2012. Yet, more than 10 years after his demise, fans are still curious about Neil Reed wife and his kids.

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Neil Reed Wife, Kelly Reed: Married Life

Neil Reed’s love story with his wife, Kelly Reed, began in 2001 in Los Angeles, California, culminating in their marriage in 2004.

Likewise, their enduring bond was blessed with the arrival of two daughters, Marley and Presley.

Notably, renowned for his unwavering commitment to his family, Neil was celebrated as a doting husband and father, leaving behind cherished memories of love and devotion.

Simultaneously, Neil pursued his educational and professional aspirations, achieving a Master’s Degree in the Art of Teaching from Chapman University in 2006.

Neil Reed Wife
Neil Reed wife, Kelly was a teacher and coach at Pioneer Valley High School. (Source: CBS Sports)

Further, embracing his passion for education and sports, he assumed the role of a physical education teacher and coach at Pioneer Valley High School in Santa Maria, California.

Moreover, his profound engagement with students earned him a special place in their hearts, making him a beloved figure on campus.

Notably, Neil Reed wife, Kelly also shared a career in education and sports, serving as a teacher and coach at the same high school.

Similarly, their mutual dedication to shaping young minds and fostering a love for physical activity created a shared purpose that echoed throughout their professional and personal lives.

Tragically, his life was cut short on July 26, 2012, leaving behind a legacy of love, perseverance, and a profound impact on those he touched, including Neil Reed wife, Kelly, and their two daughters.

Neil Reed Had Two Daughters: Marley and Presley

Following his passing in 2012, former Indiana University basketball player Neil Reed left behind a cherished legacy, survived by his devoted wife, Kelly, and their two daughters, Marley and Presley.

Likewise, Neil’s profound love for his family was widely acknowledged, with his active involvement in his daughters’ lives serving as a testament to his dedication as a father.

Marley was 6 years old, and Presley was 4 years old at the time of his death remain undisclosed, it is evident that they were young and held a special place in Neil’s heart, reciprocating his affection with equal love.

Furthermore, despite their father’s public persona, little information regarding the personal lives of his daughters has been revealed.

Neil Reed Wife
Neil and Kelly’s daughters were named Marley and Presley. (Source: Santa Maria Times)

However, in the aftermath of Neil’s passing, they chose to maintain a private and low-profile lifestyle, significantly reducing their appearances in the public eye.

Respectfully preserving their privacy, they continue to remain an integral part of the Reed family’s cherished memories, undoubtedly carrying forward their father’s legacy of love and resilience.

Subsequently, as a result, their commitment to privacy highlights their desire to lead a life away from the media’s spotlight.

Moreover, focusing on their personal growth and well-being while honoring the memory of their beloved father.

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