Who Is Curtis Woods, Kelsey Pumel Husband? Daughter Kobe

Who Is Kelsey Pumel husband Curtis Woods? Know about her daughter Kobe and her ex. 

Curtis Woods, Kelsey Pumel’s husband, shared their wedding photo on Instagram’s pinned post, dating back to September 14, 2021.

Thus, the love birds have been happily married for two years now.

Continue reading to discover more about Curtis Woods and their recently welcomed newborn daughter.

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Who Is Curtis Woods, Kelsey Pumel Husband? Wiki And Bio

Curtis Woods is an emerging figure in the world of social media. He is best known as the husband of Kelsey Pumel.

Pumel is a prominent American social media personality celebrated for her entertaining comedy sketches and catchy lip-sync videos on TikTok.

This dynamic duo has not only gained recognition for their online presence but has also built a loving family together.

Curtis and Kelsey have five children, a lively and cheerful family that consists of three boys and a two daughters.

Their recent addition to the family has only intensified the joy in their household.

Kelsey, who goes by the online moniker “Perfectly Kelsey,” was pregnant with Curtis Woods, and they eagerly awaited the arrival of their precious little one.

Kelsey Pumel husband
Kelsey Pumel and her husband Curtis four kids playing. (Source: Instagram)

On October 2, 2023, their dreams came true as they welcomed their newborn daughter into the world.

They decided to name her Krue Hazel, a name that undoubtedly carries a special meaning and significance for the Woods family.

This heartwarming event was shared with the world through Curtis Woods’ Instagram post, allowing their fans to share in their joy and celebration.

Beyond being a husband and father, Curtis Woods himself has also made a significant mark in the realm of social media.

Much like his wife, he has amassed a dedicated following on platforms like TikTok, where his unique content and engaging personality have endeared him to viewers worldwide.

Their combined presence on social media has made them a power couple, admired by many for their creativity and charm.

In addition to his online presence and family life, Curtis Woods holds a special place in his heart for his own mother, Bea Woods.

This remarkable woman celebrates her birthday on September 20 every year, and Curtis undoubtedly cherishes these moments to express his love and appreciation for her.

Details On Kelsey Pumel Daughter Kobe And Baby Father

Kobe Pumel, the beloved daughter of Kelsey Pumel and her ex, holds a special place in their family’s heart.

As of 2024, Kobe is six years old, although her exact birth date is not disclosed publicly.

Her parents, who are well-known for their presence on TikTok and social media, have often shared heartwarming moments with their daughter, Kobe, through their online content.

Kobe’s early appearances in her mother’s TikTok videos have endeared her to Kelsey’s fans, who have had the privilege of witnessing their loving mother-daughter bond.

The joy, laughter, and love that radiate from their videos are an example of the strong connection between Kelsey, Curtis, and their children, including the adorable Kobe.

When it comes to the identity of Kobe’s biological father, many sources suggest that his name is Matthew Auld.

Kelsey Pumel husband
Kelsey Pumel husband Curtis with his mother. (Source: Instagram)

However, this claim is not widely confirmed, as Kelsey and Curtis have maintained some privacy regarding their personal lives.

Tragically, it has been revealed that Kobe’s biological father, Matthew Auld, is no longer with us.

His passing has left a void in Kobe’s life, and Kelsey has expressed her heartache at the loss through her social media presence.

The family’s journey through joy and sorrow, captured through their online content, has resonated with their audience, who admire their resilience and strength in the face of life’s challenges.

Kelsey, Curtis, and Kobe continue to share their experiences, from the simple joys of family life to the profound pain of loss, offering a glimpse into their world and the emotions that shape it.

In the end, Kobe Pumel is not just a daughter but a symbol of love, connection, and the enduring bond between Kelsey Pumel and Curtis Woods.

Their openness about their family’s experiences, both happy and heartrending, reminds us all of the power of family and the importance of cherishing every moment together.

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