Who Are Kelvin Miranda Brother Jerome And Christin Miranda? Siblings Details

Meet Kelvin Miranda brothers, Jerome and Christin Miranda. Get to know more about Kelvin Miranda’s family and his siblings’ details, including their background and any notable information.

Kelvin Miranda is a talented Filipino artist who has excelled in various facets of performance art, including acting, modeling, and singing.

In high school at Caloocan High School, he often participated actively in performing arts-based events, unveiling his true passion for everything acting-related, including singing, dancing, and instrumental performances all combined.

Further, Kelvin’s passion and the admiration he received from his schoolmates fueled his determination to pursue a career in entertainment.

However, it was his portrayal of Mark Sta. Maria in the Netflix original film “Dead Kids” that gained him extensive recognition from both critics and audiences around the globe.

Additionally, he has also taken up the lead role in Gabriel M. Reyes’ film “The Boy Foretold by the Stars,” further positioning him to exhibit a bright future in acting worldwide.

Likewise, with impressive performances on screen and an ever-growing reputation as a distinguished artist, Kelvin Miranda continues to captivate audiences everywhere.

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Meet Kelvin Miranda Brother: Jerome and Christin Miranda

Born on January 8, 1999, in Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines, Kelvin Miranda shares a close bond with his two siblings, Jerome and Christin.

Despite retaining limited knowledge surrounding them due to their clear-cut preference for privacy and general avoidance of the media spotlight, they have shown unwavering support for Kelvin’s career.

While Kelvin Miranda brothers’ individual pursuits and interests may remain undisclosed, their bond runs deep, providing a source of strength and encouragement for each other.

Kelvin Miranda Brother
Kelvin Miranda brother are: Jerome and Christin Miranda. (Source: PEP.ph)

Moreover, Jerome and Christin’s decision to remain out of the public eye highlights their desire to lead lives separate from the limelight, allowing Kelvin to take center stage in the entertainment industry.

Regardless of these details, and even due to such differences, the family bond between Miranda and his siblings remains strong and supportive, while also respecting their own personal lives away from any limelight that may draw.

Likewise, while details regarding Kelvin’s siblings’ personal lives remain private, their undeniable sibling relationship persists.

Despite their preference for privacy, their bond as siblings remains strong and supportive, providing a foundation of love and closeness.

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Kelvin Miranda’s Career Highlights and Net Worth

Kelvin Miranda’s acting expertise has earned him significant accomplishments across both film productions and television series.

He embarked on this path with an uncredited role as Kelvin in the 2016 Star Cinema film “Vince, Kath, and James,” marking his debut in the industry.

Following this breakthrough, he went on to sign with GMA Artist Center, the talent agency of GMA Network, further cementing his presence in the industry.

In his earlier days of performing arts career life, he undertook supporting roles across miscellaneous movies or programs.

Kelvin Miranda Brother
Kelvin Miranda’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million. (Source: GMA Network)

Some noteworthy portrayals were Kurt’s younger brother featured on Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love (2019), Mark Sta.Maria from Dead Kids (2019), Intoy’s half-brother showcased on Walwal (2018), and Abner portrayed on Haunted Forest (2017).

Kelvin Miranda’s achievements as an actor have also boosted his finances, prompting him to amass an estimated net worth of roughly $5 million, largely attributed to his lucrative acting profession.

With bright dedication and exemplary flair, Kelvin continues to progress in his acting endeavor. Captivating audiences with spellbound performances and maintaining himself firmly rooted as a notable personality in the entertainment industry.

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